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Captain Kangaroo Season 13

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Season 13, Episode 01 The Tale of The Tootle Bird

S13 E01

Jul 27, 1968
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The Tale of The Tootle Bird Jul 27, 1968 This episode opens with The Captain, Mr. Green Jeans and Dancing Bear playing trombones (using the song ""Lassus' Trombone"" from the album ""Gentlemen, Be Seated!""). Mr. Green Jeans shows his new watch to the Captain. A dancing figure dances to the tune of ""Thoroughly Modern Millie"" (from the album ""Thoroughly Modern Hits Of Today"" by The Banjo Barons). A public service announcement titled ""Don't Fence Me Out"" is shown. Mr. Moose presents ""The Tale Of The Tootle Bird"", using the soundtrack from the 1962 record ""A Musical Visit To Captain Kangaroo's Tresure House"". Mr Moose invents a Carrot Bank. The Captain shows a ""Most Unusal Fort"". Tom Teriffic appears in the cartoon adventure ""Terrible Tantrums"". The Town Clown plays a piano, and as he does, a potted plant begins to grow, with an enormous result. The Anson Brothers (as The Three Bears) make an appearance. Harley The Cool Clown plays the xylophone. The squirrel makes the sponsor's product appear from his hat (although this AFTRS copy

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Season 13, Episode 02 Mr Green Jeans, Dancing Bear, Tom Terrific

S13 E02

Jun 5, 1968
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Mr Green Jeans, Dancing Bear, Tom Terrific Jun 5, 1968

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