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Byker Grove Season 6

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S06 E01

Sep 6, 1994
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Episode 77 Sep 6, 1994 When ""Screen Teen's"", which is being produced by a local TV station accept Jemma she is thrilled to have her chance at stardom. Lessons are being learnt by Angel and we have new Grove members, brother and sister Alfie, Anna and Flora.

S06 E02

Sep 8, 1994
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Episode 78 Sep 8, 1994 Angel's problems escalate to the point of being resuced by Noddy. The Turnbull househouls is still simmering and tempers are ready to boil over between Anna, Flora and Alfie.Gary is set up on a blind date with Jemma by Charlie and Lee.And a spider with a taste for milkshake gives Lee a slight scare that's to Ed.

S06 E03

Sep 13, 1994
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Episode 79 Sep 13, 1994 The ""Screen Teen's"" show isn't everything that Jemma thought it would be and finally agrees to Gary's request to be her cameraman.Ed's pets are still causing problems when Patsy and Arran decide to free them in the Grove.And things start to look good for Charlie when things click for her and Lee.

S06 E04

Sep 15, 1994
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Episode 80 Sep 15, 1994 The wedding arrives at last for Peter and Jean but happiness turns to diaster when Anna falls overboard on the boat.Supernatural information is heard by Anna and Alfie from their dead mother and they try to give their step-mother a go.Barney and Frew nearly send the Grovers deaf from their so called music.

S06 E05

Sep 20, 1994
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Episode 81 Sep 20, 1994 ""Screen Teen's"" decide that Jemma is the one and Gary is also sought after by them and go out to celebrate.More wedding days problems for Peter and Jean when on their honeymoon, Flora decides to show up at the hotel.

S06 E06

Sep 22, 1994
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Episode 82 Sep 22, 1994 The celebratory meal goes well with Jemma and Gary, but what will happen now that Jemma was accidently electrocuted while helping an elderly neighbour?Anna is still trying her best to try her father's new marriage but her wild party doesn't go the way she planned.

S06 E07

Sep 27, 1994
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Episode 83 Sep 27, 1994 This episode is foreshadowed by Jemma's funeral. Her ""Screen Teen's"" episode is show at the Grove as a tribute to her.Flora and Brigid get hold of the DJ equipment of Barney and Frew's which disrupts Jemma's furneral.Amanda returns and with her she brings more than one trouble.

S06 E08

Sep 29, 1994
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Episode 84 Sep 29, 1994 The crowd at Denton Burns are lucky to escape alive when Dale meddles with Barney and Frew equipment.Aston turns up looking for Amands and his child.Kit and his travelling community find a new member as Patsy become more and more involved.

S06 E09

Oct 4, 1994
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Episode 85 Oct 4, 1994 Noddy once again comes to the rescue, this time with Angel for Amanda. But are there feelings for Amanda that Noddy hasn't said? There must be because he sends her flowers and an invitation to the fun festival. Things turn sour though when Angel warns Amanda to stay away from Noddy.Charlie starts modelling and Lee is the first to find out.And the fun festival for Patsy and Arran is a huge playground for them to ruin.

S06 E10

Oct 6, 1994
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Episode 86 Oct 6, 1994 Noddy tells Amanda that he will help her out where he can with the baby.Amanda though has more problems because Angel and Leah are planning on ganging up on her.

S06 E11

Oct 11, 1994
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Episode 87 Oct 11, 1994 The chain letters are becoming more than a little problem at the Grove.Noddy convinces Amanda to go out on a date with him, but he's not interested in a relationship but Frew and Arran are left holding her baby after she up and leaves.Patsy and her friends embarress and ruin Charlie's fashion show after the girls don't realise the models are actually wearing fake furs.

S06 E12

Oct 13, 1994
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Episode 88 Oct 13, 1994 After leaving the baby with Arran and Frew the children services' department comes to investigate Amanada.The green eyed monster comes out when Charlie finds out that Lee is dating another model

S06 E13

Oct 18, 1994
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Episode 89 Oct 18, 1994 Amanda is overjoyed when children's services approve her as a suitable mother.Charlie is not coping well with Lee's blossoming relationship with Kelly.And Patsy gets Leah to admit it was her her phoned children's services about Amanda.

Season 06, Episode 14 Episode 90

S06 E14

Oct 20, 1994
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Episode 90 Oct 20, 1994 Patsy's babysitting doesn't go well when she loses the baby.Leah leaves to find her real mother.Duncan makes a visit to the Grove to get a reference from Geoff for his college application.

S06 E15

Oct 25, 1994
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Episode 91 Oct 25, 1994 Duncan, who is still around, gets himself entered into a competition when Dale doesn't show up by Marie and Anna. The only problem being that he wins and they have to tell the truth.Patsy breathes easy again after the baby is found.Leah meets her real mother for the first time.

S06 E16

Oct 27, 1994
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Episode 92 Oct 27, 1994 After Barney and Frew are mugged the Grove Patrol gets into gear, but they're not really interested in finding the culprits.Noddy goes to Angel to try and tell her about his situation because he needs help. While at his party Amanda has to pay a price for leaving baby Sam at home.Leah is upset when her mother doesn't want anything to do with her.

S06 E17

Nov 1, 1994
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Episode 93 Nov 1, 1994 After breaking up with Kelly, Lee tries to get back with Charlie.Amanda regains custody of Sam but has to seriously think about his long term future.A disheartened Leah returns to the Grove.And Noddy loses control of his feelings for Gary when he kisses him in the cinema.

S06 E18

Nov 3, 1994
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Episode 94 Nov 3, 1994 Amanda decides that the best thing to do is put Sam up for adoption.Noddy has to deal with prejudice and backlash at the Grove as the news spreads about the kiss.While at Kleethorpes Holiday Camp, Alfie, Anna and Flora meet Karen.

S06 E19

Nov 8, 1994
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Episode 95 Nov 8, 1994 Angel listens to Noddy as he breaks down over his feelings for Gary and she convinces him to see the counsellor.Lee is no closer to getting back with Charlie.

S06 E20

Nov 10, 1994
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Episode 96 Nov 10, 1994 Using Lee for bait Terry is finally caught over the mugging, only he comes back for revenge.Gary is still mourning the loss of Jemma and won't listened to Angel's reasoning to get his and Noddy's friendship back on track.Karen tracks Alfie to Newcastle and pays him a suprise visit.