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Brookside Season 1

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Season 01, Episode 01 Bollocks

S01 E01

Nov 2, 1982
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Bollocks Nov 2, 1982 Although he has nothing to go on, Paul Collins accuses one of his new neighbours of stealing his toilet. But Barry believes that Damon's poor spelling clears him of responsibilty for the graffiti found in Gordon's bedroom.

Season 01, Episode 02 Mass

S01 E02

Nov 3, 1982
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Mass Nov 3, 1982 The Grants are taken to church by the Collins when there car breaks down and Heather wants Roger to come back to bed instead of watching what is going on in the Close.

Season 01, Episode 03 Shortage

S01 E03

Nov 9, 1982
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Shortage Nov 9, 1982 Paul registers for benefit, Lucy struggles at the local, realising that her posh voice and background will be a disadvantage. Barry has a dodgy suggestion for Annabelle.

Season 01, Episode 04 Productivity

S01 E04

Nov 10, 1982
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Productivity Nov 10, 1982 Roger tries to assemble a shelving unit, despite having not enough screws and no instructions. Bobby plans a strike at work, and there are cookers on the move on the Close.......

Season 01, Episode 05 Cost

S01 E05

Nov 16, 1982
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Cost Nov 16, 1982 Paul's digging amuses Damon and his friends. Barry tells a horrific tale of an accident on the building site. Karen brings home her new boyfriend, Demon Duane.......

Season 01, Episode 06 Diminishing Returns

S01 E06

Nov 17, 1982
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Diminishing Returns Nov 17, 1982 Heather wonders why Paul is always at home, Roger is becoming agitated about the cookers in the next garden, Karen's period starts, and a strike looks imminent.

Season 01, Episode 07 Gav and Pet

S01 E07

Nov 23, 1982
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Gav and Pet Nov 23, 1982 New neighbours a large frozen meat truck. Karen wants to persuade Bobby and Sheila to allow her to go on holiday, and Heather gets her revenge on Roger.

Season 01, Episode 08 Humping

S01 E08

Nov 24, 1982
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Humping Nov 24, 1982 Barry makes Duane understand that boasting about his "conquest" of Karen was really not a very good idea. Meanwhile, Lucy is being physically intimidated at school.

Season 01, Episode 09 Burgled

S01 E09

Nov 30, 1982
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Burgled Nov 30, 1982 The whole close is burgled, but Petra has more reasons to be upset than most. Not only are her house contents not insured even though she works for an insurance company, but she is still not pregnant.

Season 01, Episode 10 Property Values

S01 E10

Dec 1, 1982
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Property Values Dec 1, 1982 A buyer for Gavin's cookers turns up at the Huntingtons'. Barry tries to persuade Sheila to bump up their insurance claim.

Season 01, Episode 11 Intervention

S01 E11

Dec 7, 1982
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Intervention Dec 7, 1982 Sheila is hassled, Bobby is pressurised, Gavin is visited by the council and given a week to dispose of his cookers, and Arthur dies.

Season 01, Episode 12 Home Improvements

S01 E12

Dec 8, 1982
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Home Improvements Dec 8, 1982 Gavin plans revenge, Barry delivers his new doors, and Petra fills in her chart. Damon advises Karen to keep quiet about her decision for the moment.

Season 01, Episode 13 Burglar Alarm

S01 E13

Dec 14, 1982
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Burglar Alarm Dec 14, 1982 Roger has an alarm installed, Gordon is resentful, Lucy is being followed, Petra is ovulating and Barry is stabbed.

Season 01, Episode 14 Insecurities

S01 E14

Dec 15, 1982
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Insecurities Dec 15, 1982 Roger does his Christmas shopping, all of which is then stolen. Bobby is under increased pressure to end the strike as Christmas approaches.

Season 01, Episode 15 Ill-mannered

S01 E15

Dec 21, 1982
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Ill-mannered Dec 21, 1982 Lucy is rescued from a kiss under the mistletoe by one of her class-mates. Karen wants to go to a party instead of attending the midnight Mass. Derek makes a pass at Heather.

Season 01, Episode 16 Christmas Spirit

S01 E16

Dec 22, 1982
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Christmas Spirit Dec 22, 1982 It is an upsetting Christmas for the Collins family, while Karen has a hangover, Bobby has an emergency meeting, Roger's burglar alarm goes off again, and Damon has no presents.

Season 01, Episode 17 Bit of Business

S01 E17

Dec 28, 1982
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Bit of Business Dec 28, 1982 Barry is determine to get revenge on his attacker, Paul receives some encouraging news, but Petra is still feeling fed up and depressed.

Season 01, Episode 18 Open House

S01 E18

Dec 29, 1982
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Open House Dec 29, 1982 The Grants invite all their neighbours to their New Year's Eve party. Roger and Heather return home, and discover that their alarm has been tampered with, and Gavin has erected a multicoloured shed to house his cookers.

Season 01, Episode 19 The Real World

S01 E19

Jan 4, 1983
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The Real World Jan 4, 1983 Paul has a job interview, and is confident that he has done well. Annabelle starts making clothes for Lucy as part of her economy drive. Bobby goes back to work after the strike, and finds that some of his co-workers are angry.

Season 01, Episode 20 Too Good To Be True

S01 E20

Jan 5, 1983
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Too Good To Be True Jan 5, 1983 Paul jumps to some wrong conclusions. Petra becomes more obsessed about having a baby. Sheila makes a decision, and Damon invites his mates over.

Season 01, Episode 21 Individualism

S01 E21

Jan 11, 1983
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Individualism Jan 11, 1983 Karen and Sheila go shopping, while the rest of the family go to watch a football match. Roger joins a badminton club, and Paul suggests a trip to the Lakes to visit Annabelle's mother - but Lucy refuses to go.

Season 01, Episode 22 Money

S01 E22

Jan 12, 1983
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Money Jan 12, 1983 Annie's financial worries begin to trouble Sheila, and Barry discovers that he may also have some money problems. Lucy is amused that, without Paul knowing, Annabelle is looking for work.

Season 01, Episode 23 Nothing's Easy

S01 E23

Jan 18, 1983
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Nothing's Easy Jan 18, 1983 Damon almost reveals that Karen is on the Pill. Paul wants Annabelle to stay at home, but she would prefer to do some supply teaching. There is more bad news at work for Sheila.

Season 01, Episode 24 The Poverty Trap

S01 E24

Jan 19, 1983
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The Poverty Trap Jan 19, 1983 Roger's attempt to take up jogging are not successful. The boys' school reports are not good, so Damon has some serious grovelling to do. Sheila confronts Annie, although Barry has no sympathy.

Season 01, Episode 25 Measuring

S01 E25

Jan 25, 1983
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Measuring Jan 25, 1983 Barry has to back down in a heated argument with Victor, but then finds himself being propositioned by Eric's wife. Meanwhile, Sheila finds contraceptives in his bedroom, and is determined to find out whose they are.

Season 01, Episode 26 Copped

S01 E26

Jan 26, 1983
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Copped Jan 26, 1983 Barry's denials when Eric confronts him after hearing rumours of his liaisons with Irene seem convincing enough, but he is not as good at explaining to Sheila why he has contraceptive pills in his bedroom. A TV Enquiry Officer visits the Close, and someone hasn't got a licence.......

Season 01, Episode 27 Prospects

S01 E27

Feb 1, 1983
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Prospects Feb 1, 1983 Sheila is told that Damon has been playing truant. Gavin and Petra have a blazing row, and he storms out, telling her that she will see him in the morning - if she's lucky. Petra's response is to throw a tray through the glass door after him.

Season 01, Episode 28 He Was Younger Than Me

S01 E28

Feb 2, 1983
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He Was Younger Than Me Feb 2, 1983 Petra awakens in the morning to discover that Gavin has died in his bed during the night, and has to be comforted by her brother-in-law George, her neighbours Roger and Heather, and - especially - Barry.

Season 01, Episode 29 Inertia

S01 E29

Feb 8, 1983
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Inertia Feb 8, 1983 Annabelle becomes exasperated when her car is caught behind Gavin's funeral cortege and she runs out of petrol. Paul resolves to be more decisive and find himself a job.

Season 01, Episode 30 Campaign Plan

S01 E30

Feb 9, 1983
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Campaign Plan Feb 9, 1983 Lucy attends a meeting at school, expresses her grievances and tries to stir up some action. Sheila is not convinced that Karen should be on the Pill, and goes to speak to her doctor. Jeff reveals that Duane has been badly beaten up.

Season 01, Episode 31 Intent

S01 E31

Feb 15, 1983
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Intent Feb 15, 1983 tries to set his relationship with Carol on a firmer footing. Redundancies look certain to occur, as one plant at Bobby's work is to be closed down. Sheila seeks advice from her priest.

Season 01, Episode 32 Sides

S01 E32

Feb 16, 1983
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Sides Feb 16, 1983 Gordon is invited to an all-night party, but Paul wants him to be home by 10.30pm. Matty receives a redundancy notice, and is disappointed when Bobby seems unwilling to use his influence to help him. Carol is not impressed when she meets Barry's bit on the touchline.

Season 01, Episode 33 Verbal Volleyball

S01 E33

Feb 22, 1983
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Verbal Volleyball Feb 22, 1983 Annabelle has an unexpected visitor, while Roger and Heather battle over Derek's dinner party. Damon steals Karen's Valentine card, and takes it to show to everyone at school.

Season 01, Episode 34 Social Studies

S01 E34

Feb 23, 1983
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Social Studies Feb 23, 1983 Matty and Teresa have dinner with Bobby and Sheila, and end up arguing over redundancies. Meanwhile, Heather and Roger dine with Derek and Angela and their other guests - and Derek hints to Heather that Roger's career could depend on how co-operative she is.......

Season 01, Episode 35 Rates

S01 E35

Mar 1, 1983
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Rates Mar 1, 1983 Damon steams open the wrong letter. Barry and Frank are horrified by Petra's attitude and her detemination to get Gavin completely out of her life.

Season 01, Episode 36 Altruism

S01 E36

Mar 2, 1983
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Altruism Mar 2, 1983 Annabelle tries to convince Paul that he cannot claim free meals for Gordon at his private school. Barry and Frank plan a surprise for Petra, but she has a bigger surprise for Barry.

Season 01, Episode 37 About Damon

S01 E37

Mar 8, 1983
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About Damon Mar 8, 1983 The Huntingtons are burgled again, and Roger sets off around the Close to interrogate his neighbours. The Educational Welfare Officer visits the Grants to find out why Damon has been missing school.

Season 01, Episode 38 Closed Shop

S01 E38

Mar 9, 1983
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Closed Shop Mar 9, 1983 Redundancy in the Grant household forces Damon and Karen to think of ways of earning cash. But Barry brightens the day by bringing home paint for the planned redecoration.

Season 01, Episode 39 Donkey Work

S01 E39

Mar 15, 1983
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Donkey Work Mar 15, 1983 When Petra's boss makes a pass at her, Michelle suggests that Petra tells him that she is pregnant. There are differing views over how a ratepayers' association should be run.

Season 01, Episode 40 A Stay-Behind

S01 E40

Mar 16, 1983
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A Stay-Behind Mar 16, 1983 Sheila waits at home while Bobby and his mates endlessly drink and drivel after-hours about nothing of any significance or interest.

Season 01, Episode 41 Hard to Get

S01 E41

Mar 22, 1983
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Hard to Get Mar 22, 1983 The Huntingtons suspect that they have another intruder, and they're right. Damon is stranded in the bungalow after arguing with his mates. Lucy tells Gordon of her doubts about her relationship with Jonathan.

Season 01, Episode 42 Camp Beds

S01 E42

Mar 23, 1983
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Camp Beds Mar 23, 1983 Roger's parents visit for Easter, and his father's offers to help around the house don't go down too well. Gordon suggests that Lucy should give Jonathan a taste of his own medicine.

Season 01, Episode 43 Paving Stones

S01 E43

Mar 29, 1983
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Paving Stones Mar 29, 1983 It's time for church, but Karen and Damon have gone missing. Sydney sees Barry laying paving stones for Petra, and asks whether he could get some for Roger. Lucy drops Gordon right in it.

Season 01, Episode 44 Gentle Persuasion

S01 E44

Mar 30, 1983
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Gentle Persuasion Mar 30, 1983 After Michelle expresses doubts that they should be spending so much time together, Petra and Barry talk things over. Meanwhile Sydney makes Damon pay when he catches him doing something naughty in church.

Season 01, Episode 45 Which Way Is South?

S01 E45

Apr 5, 1983
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Which Way Is South? Apr 5, 1983 Alan measures the bungalow, but can he find anybody who knows enough geography to help him out? Roger invites everyone for a drink to celebrate his and Sydney's birthdays. Lucy practises for her stint on "What The Papers Say".

Season 01, Episode 46 Party

S01 E46

Apr 6, 1983
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Party Apr 6, 1983 Damon and his friends become uneasy about Alan, but their fears prove unfounded. The Huntingtons' party doesn't go as planned.

Season 01, Episode 289 You Two Must Go Now

S01 E289

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You Two Must Go Now The Close is evacuated, and the residents monitor the situation as it is reported on television. Harry becomes concerned when Edna goes to the toilet and doesn't come back.