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Booze Traveler

IMDB: 8.3/10
Food,Travel2014-Present3 Seasons

Actor/adventurer Jack Maxwell learned a lot working in South Boston bars, and one lesson stood out: Enjoy a couple of drinks with a stranger, and the whole world opens up. Those experiences inspired "Booze Traveler," which follows Maxwell to various countries to quench his curiosity about what people drink, why, and the tales it prompts. In Armenia, Belize, Lithuania, Mongolia, Nepal and elsewhere, Maxwell learns its intoxicating traditions, meets with locals, joins in activities, and even helps with the alcohol-making process. He finds a unique drink, makes friends and shares stories in each spot.

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Turkey is Stirring

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Turkey is Stirring Nov 25, 2014

Beer, rebellion, soccer, Islam and fiery brandy stir modern Turkey. Although drinking is highly restricted, Turks drink defiantly and patriotically across the country, from bustling city streets to ancient islands. Jack Maxwell finds that every glass comes with a very big twist.