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Blaze and the Monster Machines Season 9

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Here's where to watch every episode of Blaze and the Monster Machines season 9. Mouseover or tap an episode to see where to stream it. Click or tap the play icon to stream it on the best available service.
Season 09, Episode 01 AJ to the Rescue

S09 E01

Sep 9, 2019
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AJ to the Rescue Sep 9, 2019 Blaze and AJ are racing through the jungle when Blaze gets trapped in super sticky mud! Now it's up to AJ and his new animal friends to go on an epic adventure to save Blaze!

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Season 09, Episode 04 Abra-Ka-Pickle!

S09 E04

Oct 25, 2019
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Abra-Ka-Pickle! Oct 25, 2019 Pickle is putting on a magic show for all of Axle City! But when Crusher accidentally makes a magical mistake, it's up to Blaze and Pickle to fix the magic and save their friends! Abra-ka-Pickle!

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Season 09, Episode 05 Toy Trouble!

S09 E05

Dec 6, 2019
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Toy Trouble! Dec 6, 2019 The Axle City toy store has an amazing machine that can make any toy you want! But when Crusher uses it, he makes giant toys that run amok! Only Blaze and Watts can stop the giant toys from making a giant mess!

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Season 09, Episode 06 Deep Sea Grand Prix

S09 E06

Jan 31, 2020
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Deep Sea Grand Prix Jan 31, 2020 For the first time ever, Blaze and AJ are racing under the ocean! Blaze transforms into a submarine and speeds through sunken ships and coral reefs to reach the giant sand castle at the finish line!

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Season 09, Episode 07 Recycling Power!

S09 E07

Feb 10, 2020
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Recycling Power! Feb 10, 2020 When Axle City is visited by a littering raccoon, it's up to Blaze to save the day as a Super Recycling Truck! He cleans up the town and rescues his friends - just in time for a final showdown with the Litter Critter!

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Season 09, Episode 08 The Great Space Race

S09 E08

Feb 13, 2020
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The Great Space Race Feb 13, 2020 Blaze and AJ take off into space for a race that's out of this world! Along the way to Planet Victory, they meet friendly aliens, dodge asteroids, and face off against Crusher's space ship!

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Season 09, Episode 09 Ice Cream Monster Machine

S09 E09

Mar 9, 2020
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Ice Cream Monster Machine Mar 9, 2020 Gasquatch invites Blaze and AJ to his ice cream party! But he forgot something important - the ice cream! So, Blaze transforms into an Ice Cream Truck and races to reach Gasquatch's house in time!

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