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Bizarre Foods: Delicious Destinations

IMDB: 7.3/10
Food,Travel2015-Present6 Seasons

Featuring the not-to-be-missed legendary foods that define a location. These are the unique dishes we're willing to travel halfway around the world to sample. Each episode features one locale and at least four of five iconic foods that define the location. Delicious Destinations explores how they are made and take viewers inside the kitchens, factories and farms where these foods are created. We dig into the origin of these popular foods and how they've evolved over time. And for those who like their meals well-seasoned, we dish on the sometimes special lingo associated with these foods and the surprising table manners you absolutely need to know. This is a series that is guaranteed to make you hungry!

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Athens Jan 26, 2015

Athens, Greece, is the birthplace of many culinary traditions, and Andrew explores the classics, from stuffed grape leaves and spanakopita to moussaka and real Greek yogurt, still made the way it’s been done for generations.

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