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Behind the Music Season 10

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Season 10, Episode 01 New Kids on the Block: A Behind the Music Special Event

S10 E01

Sep 28, 2008
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New Kids on the Block: A Behind the Music Special Event Sep 28, 2008 In 1988, when the New Kids On The Block's second album "Hangin' Tough" was released, there were very few acts that equaled the success of The Beatles or Michael Jackson. But overnight, "Hangin' Tough" sales catapulted the five young teens into superstardom. With each airplay the "New Kids" sold more merchandise and concert tickets than virtually any other musical act. They became a money-making machine. Their success set a new standard for many, many imitators to follow. Through the millions of screaming girls, tours around the world, homesick nights, private jets, psychotic groupies, rumors and deceptions, they had developed a bond like soldiers in a foxhole.However, the whirlwind of exploitation soon surrounded the New Kids. Combined with the changing music climate and the ever-escalating pressures of being international superstars, the group was pushed to an unexpected breakup.But what if they could do it all over again? What if they're given the opportunity to do it their own way -- unlike before? Is that brotherhood bond still strong enough? Do they still have what it takes?VH1, in association with Allentown productions, will trace the history of New Kids On The Block while also documenting their inspired 2008 reunion. Thru rare archival images and modern day verite footage, intercut with interviews from all five band members, their enterprising producer, and the people closest to them throughout their career, this hour long documentary will take viewers on a wild ride "behind the music." This isn't just another reunion show. It's about five "brothers" whose experience was unmatched by anyone else in history.

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