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Becker Season 6

Here's where to watch every episode of Becker season 6. Mouseover or tap an episode to see where to stream it. Click or tap the play icon to stream it on the best available service.
Season 06, Episode 01 What's Love Got To Do With It?

S06 E01

Oct 8, 2003
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What's Love Got To Do With It? Oct 8, 2003 John and Chris reluctantly confront their feelings for each other in the sixth-season opener. Meanwhile, Chris is furious over an outrageously high hospital bill and tries to get some of the charges dismissed in a meeting with an unsympathetic hospital administrator (Paul Dooley). Jake sells his dreadlocks to pay his rent.

Not Available
Season 06, Episode 02 Dates & Nuts

S06 E02

Oct 15, 2003
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Dates & Nuts Oct 15, 2003 Chris pressures John into setting a time and a place for their first date, only to have it interrupted by a medical emergency; Hector talks Jake into making some extra money by participating in a drug test that goes terribly awry; Linda makes Margaret feel guilty about getting out of paying a traffic ticket.

Not Available
Season 06, Episode 03 A Little Ho-mance

S06 E03

Oct 22, 2003
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A Little Ho-mance Oct 22, 2003 John tries to plan a romantic first date with Chris, but unforeseen obstacles keep cropping up; Jake gets shocking news about his grandmother after she dies in a retirement home.

Not Available
Season 06, Episode 04 Spontaneous Combustion

S06 E04

Oct 29, 2003
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Spontaneous Combustion Oct 29, 2003 Jakes mourns for his nana; Becker and Chris try too hard to consummate their relationship; Linda feng shui's the office.

Not Available
Season 06, Episode 05 Afterglow

S06 E05

Nov 5, 2003
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Afterglow Nov 5, 2003 Chris gets frustrated when John repeatedly refuses to hold up his end of a conversation; Linda claims that she has met “the one,” but she soon gets a big surprise; and Hector tries to persuade Jake to invest in his latest get-rich-quick scheme.

Not Available
Season 06, Episode 06 The Unbelievable Wrongness of Talking

S06 E06

Nov 12, 2003
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The Unbelievable Wrongness of Talking Nov 12, 2003 Chris tries to get John to be more considerate of her feelings, but he's not sure he can do it; Hector tricks Jake into selling porn magazines; Margaret takes a night job with a telemarketer and is shocked when she learns that it's a phone-sex operation.

Not Available
Season 06, Episode 07 Sister Spoils the Turkey

S06 E07

Nov 26, 2003
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Sister Spoils the Turkey Nov 26, 2003 What was supposed to be a quiet Thanksgiving dinner for Becker and Chris turns into a stressful feast when Chris' long-lost sister shows up. The gang learns she served time for cutting off her husband's finger in a fit of rage, and nervously watch her for signs of a relapse.

Not Available
Season 06, Episode 08 Chock Full 'O Nuts

S06 E08

Dec 3, 2003
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Chock Full 'O Nuts Dec 3, 2003 When odd characters begin to overrun Becker's office and Chris' diner, Margaret discovers that a local halfway-house has been shut down. Becker decides to round up his new eccentric friends and takes the law into his own hands with an organized march for justice. Meanwhile, Jake inherits $25,000 from his late grandma's estate and must decide what to do with the money.

Not Available
Season 06, Episode 09 A First Class Flight

S06 E09

Dec 17, 2003
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A First Class Flight Dec 17, 2003 Chris gets upset when John gets a free trip to Las Vegas to speak at a medical convention, but doesn't invite her to go along because he refuses to trade in his first-class airline ticket for two coach seats. Then Becker is tempted by a lovely doctor who whispers sweet nothings in his ear during the six-hour flight. Meanwhile, an uppity plastic surgeon takes over Becker's practice during his absence.

Not Available
Season 06, Episode 10 Margaret Sings the Blues

S06 E10

Jan 7, 2004
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Margaret Sings the Blues Jan 7, 2004 Margaret gets depressed and refuses to work after she learns that a long-time friend is now worth millions. The information leads her to ponder whether she could have made it as a professional singer if she had pursued her dream. Back at the office, John tries to train Linda to give flu shots.

Not Available
Season 06, Episode 11 Snow Means Snow

S06 E11

Jan 14, 2004
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Snow Means Snow Jan 14, 2004 There's a blizzard in New York, so Chris plans a trip to Bermuda with Becker; a psychic tells Linda she's going to meet the man of her dreams; Margaret looks forward to a weekend alone.

Not Available
Season 06, Episode 12 Subway Story

S06 E12

Jan 21, 2004
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Subway Story Jan 21, 2004 Becker meets an older woman on the subway who's on her way to Ground Zero; Chris entertains the doctor's out-of-town friends with whom he is supposed to have dinner; Linda accidentally deletes some important insurance files.

Not Available
Season 06, Episode 13 D.N.R.

S06 E13

Jan 28, 2004
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D.N.R. Jan 28, 2004 In the series finale, Becker realizes he's happy, but Chris fears that John is going to break up with her after he invites her to dinner at a nice restaurant; Jake used his inheritance from his grandmother to go off to Northwestern University; and Linda finds a new Italian boyfriend on the subway.

Not Available