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Battlestar Galactica - Season 4 Episode 14

Blood on the Scales

Release Date: Feb 6, 2009

Season 04, Episode 14 Blood on the Scales

S04 E14

Feb 6, 2009
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Episode Description

Roslin is on board a raptor en route to the Rebel Cylon Base Star, but Gaeta has ordered to engage and destroy it. The marines have used a stun grenade on Adama and Tigh. Roslin manages to get a wireless transmission out for everyone to hear and learn what Gaeta has done. She and the others barely make it to the Base Star, where she convinces Tory and the other Cylons to use the Fleet as a cover in order to prevent Gaeta from attacking it. She also believes that Adama will be able to save the rest of the Final Four. Temporarily safe, the Rebel Cylons start voting on whether they should just jump away and count their losses. Adama is brought before Gaeta and Tigh is thrown to the brig with Caprica Six, Anders, Athena, Helo and their child Hera. Zarek comes aboard Galactica on Colonial One with the Quorum. At Gaeta's insisting, Zarek agrees to put Adama on trial for treason, with Romo Lampkin assigned as his defence lawyer. There's just one problem: The Quorum refuses to recognize Zarek's authority. However, Zarek is hell-bent on following his "The truth is told by those left standing" maxim. Only Tyrol, who's alone, and Lee, whose with Starbuck, are Galactica's last hope.

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