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Battlestar Galactica - Season 4 Episode 13

The Oath

Release Date: Jan 30, 2009

Season 04, Episode 13 The Oath

S04 E13

Jan 30, 2009
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Episode Description

The Fleet refuses to cooperate with Cylon engineers and Adama decides to put an end to it. He sends the Quorum a message stating that unless they wish to join Zarek in the cell, they get their people in line. However, Gaeta has already freed Zarek with the help of other would-be-revolutionists. They allow Zarek to leave Galactica on a raptor. He lands on Colonial One and enters a gathering of the Quorum. Meanwhile, Anders gets ambushed and captured. At the CIC, Gaeta cleverly manipulates everyone else until the time is at hand for the revolution to begin.

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