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Battlestar Galactica - Season 3 Episode 6


Release Date: Nov 3, 2006

Season 03, Episode 06 Torn

S03 E06

Nov 3, 2006
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Episode Description

Baltar learns from Caprica Six of their ability to project themselves and imagine different surroundings which leads him to wonder if he too is a Cylon. He has told the Cylons what he knows about the location of Earth and they dispatch a Basestar to investigate. In the end, the survey ship is infected with a virus killing everyone aboard. Aboard the Galactica, Lt. Gaeta has been reviewing Baltar's work in deciphering the map they recovered on Kobol. He too thinks he knows what it all means. Of greater concern however is the wedge between those who stayed with the fleet and those who were on the ground fighting the Cylons. Starbuck and Colonel Tigh in particular are quite vocal in complaining about those who stayed behind and it's left to Admiral Adama to lay down the law.

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