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Battlestar Galactica - Season 1 Episode 4

Act of Contrition

Release Date: Nov 8, 2004

Season 01, Episode 04 Act of Contrition

S01 E04

Nov 8, 2004
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Episode Description

There's a party on Galactica's flight deck as Flat-Top just had his thousandth landing. Something goes terribly wrong however when a drone accidentally goes off and explodes in a group of pilots. 13 are dead. During the ceremony Kara Thrace starts thinking about her dead fiancée Zak Adama. And those memories even get clearer when Adama orders her to start training new pilots. She seems very uncomfortable in doing so. The favor she did for Zak by letting him pass basic flight seems to bother her more and more. Angrily she stops training pilots after just one day. Meanwhile on Cylon-occupied Caprica Helo and Cylon-Sharon find a bomb shelter in a restaurant. It seems like a good place to stay for a while. There's food, water and anti-radiation medication in abundance.

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