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Bannan Season 2

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Season 02, Episode 01 Episode 1

S02 E01

Jan 6, 2016
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Episode 1 Jan 6, 2016 Alasdair comes back home to Màiri and Anna, and they begin to get to know their 'new' mother-in-law and granny, Iseabail. Cailean suspects that there is more going on than meets the eye and wants to know more about this new woman. He is pleasantly distracted with the arrival of his wife Sarah Jane, back from the city with her niece Isla. Màiri is delighted to see her teenage friend Sarah Jane again but wants to know why their friendship came to such a sudden end. Donna celebrates her birthday with a lavish party and leaves Finlay lost for words as she announces her wonderful birthday present to all the guests.

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Season 02, Episode 02 Episode 2

S02 E02

Jan 14, 2016
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Episode 2 Jan 14, 2016 Màiri promises not to tell anyone Sarah Jane's secret, especially Cailean, but a chat with Mòrag leaves Màiri doubting Sarah Jane's revelation.Iain and Anndra take the first group of tourists out on the boat - with Tormod at the helm. Ciorstaidh is seasick, and Iain is horrified when he sees what Anndra is up to behind their backs.

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Season 02, Episode 03 Episode 3

S02 E03

Jan 20, 2016
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Episode 3 Jan 20, 2016 A chat with Màrtainn arouses suspicion in Màiri, and she is forced to return to the city to find out the truth for herself. A stranger arrives on the island who is sure to set the cat amongst the pigeons.

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Season 02, Episode 04 Episode 4

S02 E04

Jan 27, 2016
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Episode 4 Jan 27, 2016 Màiri is hostile towards Alasdair following his revelation in the city, but nothing can prepare her for the shock she gets when an old book, placed in an unusual location, leads her to discover another chilling secret. Life is a struggle for Tormod as he tries his hand at crofting, and Iain and his friend Anndra are left humiliated after their business pitch at the Trust.

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Season 02, Episode 05 Episode 5

S02 E05

Feb 3, 2016
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Episode 5 Feb 3, 2016 Màiri strives to get her life back on track as Alasdair moves in with Iseabail. Sensing Alasdair's heartache, Iseabail takes the initiative to fix their relationship by telling Màiri the truth.

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