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Bad Girls Season 8

Here's where to watch every episode of Bad Girls season 8. Mouseover or tap an episode to see where to stream it. Click or tap the play icon to stream it on the best available service.
Season 08, Episode 01 Series 8 - Episode 1

S08 E01

Jul 13, 2006
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Series 8 - Episode 1 Jul 13, 2006 Governor Joy Masterton is disgusted when her new deputy, Lou Stoke, turns up for her first day at Larkhall reeking of booze and the worse for wear. A new inmate arrives - Emira Al Jahani, the wife of a suspected terrorist bomber. The girls treat her with contempt, but Natalie discovers that she's a chemistry student and has soon bullied her into constructing a drugs laboratory. The others jump to the conclusion that Emira is planning a chemical attack and panic ensues.

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Season 08, Episode 02 Series 8 - Episode 2

S08 E02

Jul 20, 2006
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Series 8 - Episode 2 Jul 20, 2006 Janine Nebeski's father gives Janine a surprise visit and blames her for her mother's death. Lou Stoke manages to convince him to allow Janine to attend her mother's funeral. However, Natalie Buxton seizes the opportunity to force Janine to smuggle drugs into Larkhall. Phyl is sent to hospital with a bullet wound but soon starts to blackmail her psychiatrist. Lou goes to a strip club followed by Joy Masterton. Donny is pressurised to find Emira's husband who is in hiding.

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Season 08, Episode 03 Series 8 - Episode 3

S08 E03

Jul 27, 2006
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Series 8 - Episode 3 Jul 27, 2006 Natalie Buxton is under the influence of drugs, but even so is determined to get revenge on Pat Kerrigan. Angela Robbins, a new inmate, arrives on G-Wing and she becomes Bev's cellmate. Janine Nebeski has been caught smuggling drugs and has lost her family. Matters are made worse for her as Joy Masterton intends to make an example of her. PO Donny Kimber is pressurised by D.I. Thackeray to find out where Emira's husband, a terrorist suspect, is hiding.

Not Available
Season 08, Episode 04 Series 8 - Episode 4

S08 E04

Aug 3, 2006
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Series 8 - Episode 4 Aug 3, 2006 A new inmate, Stella Gough wants to join the army when she gets out of prison. Governor Joy Masterton is attracted by her ambition, but is Stella being completely honest? Janine is relying on drugs which worries Donny Kimber who gradually gets her to stop taking them. Lou deliberately avoids Dr Rowan Dunlop which confuses the doctor. What the doctor doesn't know is that Lou is leading a double life at a local lap dancing club.

Not Available
Season 08, Episode 05 Series 8 - Episode 5

S08 E05

Aug 10, 2006
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Series 8 - Episode 5 Aug 10, 2006 Governor Joy Masterton is still reeling from the shock of learning that new inmate Stella is the daughter she gave up for adoption. Julie S is delighted to get a visit from her son David. He has two bits of exciting news - she's going to be a grandmother and he's getting married. Pat Kerrigan realises that Natalie Buxton has used a child to smuggle drugs into prison and she comes up with a plan to get rid of her for ever. Things get steamy between Janine Nebeski and Donny Kimber.

Not Available
Season 08, Episode 06 Series 8 - Episode 6

S08 E06

Aug 17, 2006
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Series 8 - Episode 6 Aug 17, 2006 G-Wing is buzzing with excitement, Julie S can't wait to see her son David and meet his bride to be. Pat Kerrigan is excited too - at the prospect of being rid of Natalie Buxton for ever. Wing Governor Lou Stoke is looking after her drug addict sister Vicky following her suicide attempt. Phyl and Bev are overjoyed when their delivery of alcoholic fruit arrives. Janine Nebeski starts receiving mysterious love letters. And since her daughter showed up, Joy has taken to drink.

Not Available
Season 08, Episode 07 Series 8 - Episode 7

S08 E07

Aug 24, 2006
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Series 8 - Episode 7 Aug 24, 2006 The national news is reporting that Natalie Buxton has escaped from Larkhall and the inmates of G-Wing could not be happier - with the exception of Pat Kerrigan who is wondering what to do with the body. Security has been stepped up and Phyl and Bev can't smuggle in any alcohol, so they revert to blackmailing Dr Dunlop. It's the day of Tina's court appearance and she's hoping to be sent back to prison, but the judge releases her. Pat has to confess the truth to the two Julies. Sylvia has a date.

Not Available
Season 08, Episode 08 Series 8 - Episode 8

S08 E08

Aug 31, 2006
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Series 8 - Episode 8 Aug 31, 2006 Still in shock after killing a man during her bungled bank hold-up, Tina O'Kane is returned to Larkhall and tries to take her own life. Pat Kerrigan realises that she will have to move Natalie's corpse from the tumble dryer in the laundry. Lou Stoke is furious with Dr Rowan Dunlop for leading her on. Janine Nebeski is desperate for more action with PO Donny Kimber - but he decides that the relationship has to stop. Lou's druggy sister Vicky gets a job teaching music in G-Wing.

Not Available
Season 08, Episode 09 Series 8 - Episode 9

S08 E09

Sep 7, 2006
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Series 8 - Episode 9 Sep 7, 2006 Janine has permission to visit her mother's grave with Donny as escort. Lou has a surprise proposal from Doctor Rowan - unaware that he has no intention of divorcing his wife. The Costa Cons spot that Vicky is high and blackmail her. During her day out, Janine implores Donny to join her on the run. Will he throw in his job for love? Vicky reveals the truth about Rowan to Lou. Lou loses her temper and Governor Joy Masterton dismisses her. Body Bag gets a promotion to Wing Governor!

Not Available
Season 08, Episode 10 Series 8 - Episode 10

S08 E10

Sep 14, 2006
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Series 8 - Episode 10 Sep 14, 2006 Entrepreneur and interior design goddess Catherine Earlham makes an appearance on This Morning with Fern and Phillip before her court case. Could this darling of the media really have stolen from a pension fund? Janine is pregnant with Donny's baby, but he thinks she should have a termination. Bodybag is strutting around G-Wing, putting her stamp on the place. Phyl and Bev have fallen out - new inmate Catherine has come between them. Darlene is transfixed by Catherine - but she's being used.

Not Available
Season 08, Episode 11 Christmas Special 2006

S08 E11

Dec 20, 2006
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Christmas Special 2006 Dec 20, 2006 Christmas is not Sylvia Hollamby’s favourite time of year and this year isn’t going to be any different. With all the drains on G Wing overflowing, everyone’s wondering what’s causing it and when a decomposed hand rises to the surface could Natalie have been found? Hollamby gets a surprise visit from a face from the past ...

Not Available