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Bad Girls Season 7

Here's where to watch every episode of Bad Girls season 7. Mouseover or tap an episode to see where to stream it. Click or tap the play icon to stream it on the best available service.
Season 07, Episode 01 Series 7 - Episode 1

S07 E01

May 10, 2005
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Series 7 - Episode 1 May 10, 2005 Jim receives a taste of his own medicine in a prison cell of his own... How will he get out of this situation!? On G-Wing, Governor Neil Grayling starts to make changes and announces that he will take full responsibility for the wing. Two newcomers arrive - Janine is furious with her partner-in-crime Arun for confessing to their credit card scam. Tina O'Kane hates her new freedom and tries her best to get back inside... but will she end up on G-wing or on another wing? Bev and Phyl plan to teach Bodybag a lesson. Top Dog Natalie Buxton is rubbing up her fellow inmates the wrong way.

Not Available
Season 07, Episode 02 Series 7 - Episode 2

S07 E02

May 17, 2005
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Series 7 - Episode 2 May 17, 2005 Jim uses all his manipulative skills to get himself out of jail, but will Di realsie he is using her? Everyone on G-Wing is up in arms about the extortion racket Natalie Buxton and her sidekick Darlene Cake are running. Jim blackmails Neil Grayling into giving him the Wing Governor's job, and starts by sacking the two Julies from the kitchen. Phyl and Bev jump at the chance to replace them, but they're unprepared for all the hard work. Sylvia is sure that she has a mysterious illness - Dr Nicholson is unterested until a letter arrives for Sylvia...!

Not Available
Season 07, Episode 03 Series 7 - Episode 3

S07 E03

May 24, 2005
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Series 7 - Episode 3 May 24, 2005 Jim is desperately trying to avoid sex with Di - but how long can he hold her off and what lengths will he go to not to have children?! Natalie Buxton seems to have everyone at Larkhall in her debt, she has even scored a cushy job in the library - the perfect place to attend to Jim's needs. She is far from discreet though, which infuriates Di! The two Julies get permission to open the G-Wing hair and beauty salon but aren't very optimistic about the idea. Naive Arun walks into a violent trap set by Natalie and Janine. Dr Nicholson is still fawning over Sylvia Hollamby.

Not Available
Season 07, Episode 04 Series 7 - Episode 4

S07 E04

May 31, 2005
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Series 7 - Episode 4 May 31, 2005 ***Spoiler*** The press are swarming outside the gates of Larkhall, awaiting the arrival of Laura Canning, an 18-year-old convicted of stabbing her mother to death. Natalie and Darlene demand some beauty treatment - but the two Julies get their own back. Phyl and Bev have a scam going with the bakery delivery man. Malcolm proposes to Sylvia - who is ecstatic, little realising that it's her cash he's after.

Not Available
Season 07, Episode 05 Series 7 - Episode 5

S07 E05

Jun 7, 2005
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Series 7 - Episode 5 Jun 7, 2005 Arun has a dark secret she is desperate to keep under wraps. The Costa Cons' buns and booze scam is about to be exposed. An elderly nun arrives at Larkhall and gets thumped by Natalie Buxton - but Sister Thomas seems to win the other girls round with her plans to help children in Africa. A codicil in Sylvia's aunt's will bars her from marrying if she is to inherit the house.

Not Available
Season 07, Episode 06 Series 7 - Episode 6

S07 E06

Jun 14, 2005
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Series 7 - Episode 6 Jun 14, 2005 New inmate Liz May Brice arrives at Larkhall, and is desperate to make sure that the Sister Thomas gets all thats coming to her... and Liz isn't exactly keen on bully-babe Natalie Buxton... Could this be the fall of one of Larkhall's evilist Top Dogs? Sylvia and Malcolm are tying the knot... Malcolm's already splashed out on the Wedding and Honeymoon... little does he know that Sylvia is now peniless, due to a bizare twist in her Aunt's will saying Sylvia will only inherit money if she stays single.

Not Available
Season 07, Episode 07 Series 7 - Episode 7

S07 E07

Jun 21, 2005
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Series 7 - Episode 7 Jun 21, 2005 Everyone knows that Arun is a transexual, and the knives of G-Wing are out together. And when Arun's thoughts turn suicidal, will there be a saviour for her?New officer Kevin is determined to make a good impression with Inmates and Officers alike, but when there's a case of ""Them and Us"" how will he handle it?Pat's attempted murder charge is taken with a pinch of salt by Neil when Pat tells him that a Vicar assaulted her while Sister Thomas watched.Di can't believe her bad luck when she finds out Jim has a low sperm count. When a new inmate, Sheena arrives, Di goes in to proceedings with her to adopt her child who would've been in care.

Not Available
Season 07, Episode 08 Series 7 - Episode 8

S07 E08

Jul 28, 2005
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Series 7 - Episode 8 Jul 28, 2005 unknown

Not Available
Season 07, Episode 09 Series 7 - Episode 9

S07 E09

Jul 5, 2005
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Series 7 - Episode 9 Jul 5, 2005 unknown

Not Available
Season 07, Episode 10 Series 7 - Episode 10

S07 E10

Jul 12, 2005
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Series 7 - Episode 10 Jul 12, 2005 unknown

Not Available
Season 07, Episode 11 Series 7 - Episode 11

S07 E11

Jul 19, 2005
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Series 7 - Episode 11 Jul 19, 2005 The atmosphere at Larkhall is euphoric – Jim Fenner (Jack Ellis) is dead! He was brutally killed in the hanging cell – and his wife Di (Tracey Wilkinson) is the first to discover his bloody body.It is not long before two earnest detectives are at the scene of the crime, DS Hook (Lucy O’Connell) and DI Hayes (Tony Slattery). They will leave no stone unturned until they find the murderer within the walls of this prison.Soon all the fingers are pointing to his wife Di Barker (Tracey Wilkinson), as it seems she has the most obvious motive and has been caught red handed with some damning evidence. But when all the inmates suddenly step forward and confess to being the murderer, the detectives become confused. Who did kill Jim Fenner?Sheena (Laura Rogers) is due to be let out on an electronic tag – but her freedom has lost some of its buzz now she has fallen for Pat Kerrigan (Liz May Brice). The attraction is mutual but Pat is scared of being hurt and pushing Sheena away. How can she fall

Not Available
Season 07, Episode 12 Series 7 - Episode 12

S07 E12

Jul 26, 2005
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Series 7 - Episode 12 Jul 26, 2005 Di (Tracey Wilkinson) has been accused of murdering Jim Fenner (Jack Ellis) and no one believes she is innocent. Di soon finds herself on the wrong side of the bars at Larkhall. How can she survive amongst the women she used to reign over?Her former colleague Sylvia Hollamby (Helen Fraser) is unsure of how to react when Di arrives at the prison, she wants to be her friend but is not totally convinced of her innocence.Meanwhile, Natalie Buxton (Dannielle Brent) is excited, it’s her long awaited day out on release and Kevin Spiers (Andrew Scarborough) has the honour of escorting her. Smug Natalie thinks she’s got an escape all worked out, especially as her guard is the dishy Kevin Spiers. But Kevin isn’t an idiot and Natalie is going to have to come up with something very special to pull the wool over his eyes. Kevin is a game player, has she met her match?Julie J (Kika Mirylees) is still determined to plead guilty for murdering Jim – he got what he deserved. But her friend Julie S (V

Not Available
Season 07, Episode 13 Christmas Special

S07 E13

Jan 1, 2006
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Christmas Special Jan 1, 2006 unknown

Not Available