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Bad Girls Season 6

Here's where to watch every episode of Bad Girls season 6. Mouseover or tap an episode to see where to stream it. Click or tap the play icon to stream it on the best available service.
Season 06, Episode 01 Series 6 - Episode 1

S06 E01

Apr 14, 2004
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Series 6 - Episode 1 Apr 14, 2004 As the inmates are celebreating Yvonne's escape, Selena and Kris plan an escape. Fenner is haunted by what he did 6 weeks ago. New inmates Frances Allen, Natalie Buxton and Darlene Cake arrive at Larkhall and cause ructions when Natalie's true crime is revealed. Much to Natalie's delight, Frances protects her and proves to be a loyal friend! As Kris' escape plan is implemented, she follows Yvonne's escape route but a shocking discovery makes her drop her keys... she has no choice but to return to G-Wing and tell Neil what she has found. Colin's heroin addict seems to have gotten worse! Neil makes a sad and touching announcement to the girls on the wing. He then decides to demote Di from her wing-governor position in favour for a fresh face. The officers are amazed as their new wing-governor walks in... it's Frances!

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Season 06, Episode 02 Series 6 - Episode 2

S06 E02

Apr 21, 2004
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Series 6 - Episode 2 Apr 21, 2004 G Wing say a final farewell to Yvonne while Jim gets another shock when Lauran turns up on his doorstep asking questions. Tanya makes Sylvia an offer she can't refuse & Neil gets offered a new job from an unexpected source.A full-scale investigation is launched into Yvonne's death, and while Jim finds it hard not to crack, Colin appears to be the prime suspect. The wing is shocked by Yvonne's death, but Julie J has a bigger shock in store. The new wing governor introduces herself to G Wing, giving the women yet another surprise. New inmate Darlene is quickly befriended by Phyl, who is interested in her drug stash.

Not Available
Season 06, Episode 03 Series 6 - Episode 3

S06 E03

Apr 28, 2004
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Series 6 - Episode 3 Apr 28, 2004 With Bev still on the hospital wing after her overdose, Frances is determined to crack down on the drug dealers, keeping Phyl under 24-hour surveillance until she confesses. Frances gets the handcuffs out for Colin Di gets closer to Jim, but his mind is still on Yvonne Atkins - is he going mad ?! Julie S decides that since she's on 'death row', she may as well take Fenner with her!... but only manages to slash his hand with a knife! Selena is still determined to get Kris out of prison, but things don't go as she planned. Frances announces drug tests for the whole prison. Fenner goes mad and...erm... flashes more than his keys!

Not Available
Season 06, Episode 04 Series 6 - Episode 4

S06 E04

May 5, 2004
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Series 6 - Episode 4 May 5, 2004 A Muslim woman convicted of murdering a relative protests her innocence and ends up climbing onto the roof of G Wing to continue her protest... but who will end up critically injured? The inmates are still shocked at Jim's strange behaviour, but they soon discover that it is only the beginning! Sylvia is sent on a racism course after being reported for making racist remarks by a colleague. Dr. Nicholson finally makes a correct diagnosis !!

Not Available
Season 06, Episode 05 Series 6 - Episode 5

S06 E05

May 10, 2004
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Series 6 - Episode 5 May 10, 2004 All the officers are ordered to undergo drug tests as well as the prisoners, leaving Colin in a tight spot. The results of the drug tests concern Neil but not for the reason you'd expect! Natalie Buxton returns to G-Wing having been convicted of child prostitution, but has to cope with Frances, who is incensed at Natalie's return to Larkhall. Will Natalie be able to use her cunning and manipulative skills to win over the inmates?

Not Available
Season 06, Episode 06 Series 6 - Episode 6

S06 E06

May 17, 2004
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Series 6 - Episode 6 May 17, 2004 Glamour hits Larkhall with the arrival of Tanya Turner, who has been jailed for possession of Class A drugs, and who quickly decides to cosy up to Darlene when she arrives. Neil is furious over the officers' drug tests, and Frances soon confronts Colin about them. Selena leaves for Canada to try and convince Milly to return and clear her sister's name. And a bout of sickness and vomiting hits the wing, with Al suffering very badly.

Not Available
Season 06, Episode 07 Series 6 - Episode 7

S06 E07

May 18, 2004
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Series 6 - Episode 7 May 18, 2004 Someone is poisoning people on G Wing, and suspicion immediately falls on Tanya Turner, as no one was ill until she arrived. Fearful for her life, Tanya tries to come up with a way to get out of prison and makes a deal with a Yardie gang leader. Fenner returns to G Wing, and is back to his old self again. Natalie forces Phyl and Bev to let her in on their plans, while Tina is convinced she killed Al by stealing the hooch.

Not Available
Season 06, Episode 08 Series 6 - Episode 8

S06 E08

May 19, 2004
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Series 6 - Episode 8 May 19, 2004 After being arrested for murder, Tanya is questioned about poisoning Al, but the case against her looks weak and other inmates are soon pulled in for questioning. When the poison is traced back to the rhubarb, the Costa Cons try to get rid of incriminating evidence - but it appears to be too late. The Julies enjoy a birthday party to remember. Frances and Tanya forge an unlikely alliance when a plan to get to Tanya comes to light

Not Available
Season 06, Episode 09 Series 6 - Episode 9

S06 E09

Aug 2, 2004
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Series 6 - Episode 9 Aug 2, 2004 Selena Geeson returns from Canada with Kris's sister Milly, together they intend to prove Kris's innocence. Natalie Buxton is suspicious when Kris refuses another night of passion with her. Wing Governor Frances Myers reluctantly drops the poisoning case, and Sylvia Hollamby is back after her combating racism course. Julie Johnston is smitten with prison guard Colin. Governor Neil Grayling is worried about his impending tribunal.

Not Available
Season 06, Episode 10 Series 6 - Episode 10

S06 E10

Aug 9, 2004
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Series 6 - Episode 10 Aug 9, 2004 It is the day of the tribunal and governing governor Neil Grayling faces the music - as damning evidence of his supposed sexual misconduct is thrown at him. Could this be the end of his career?But Neil remains calm, and determined to find ex-wing governor Karen Betts!! She is his only chance if he is going to bring Jim Fenner down. But will she help him in his fight?Selena plans her departure from Larkhall, how can she stay around now she has been so betrayed by Kris?! But Kris is devastated and soon takes out her revenge on Natalie Buxton in the laundry room.Natalie is rushed to the hospital wing with alleged injuries from the brawl; she wants to press assault charges against Kris. But when wing governor Frances Myers (Eva Pope) hears her story Natalie is pulled from her hospital bed and sent to solitary confinement. She has one last stab of revenge when she drops the bombshell of Kris and Selena's affair, but will anyone believe her?Handy man Benjamin (Richard Mylan) gets flirt

Not Available
Season 06, Episode 11 Series 6 - Episode 11

S06 E11

Aug 16, 2004
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Series 6 - Episode 11 Aug 16, 2004 The plans for Di and Jim's wedding go ahead with bride and groom unaware that Neil Grayling and Karen Betts are secretly planning to ruin Jim's life. Karen finally finds a piece of evidence, while Sylvia tries to find a ""plus one"" for Di's wedding. Milly is about to confess to the murder of her father - for which Kris was put away for life... But will a tragedy and a serious accident change events?!

Not Available
Season 06, Episode 12 Series 6 - Episode 12

S06 E12

Aug 23, 2004
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Series 6 - Episode 12 Aug 23, 2004 Kris Yates has made a dramatic escape from Larkhall prison and her lover Selena is in the spotlight for being her accomplice.In the final episode of the current series, Karen Betts is relieved to have some evidence against Jim Fenner. But when it's dismissed as weak, Karen panics, could she end up behind bars for a crime she didn't commit?Tina O' Kane is convinced she's pregnant and is naively planning a rosy future with Benjamin once she is released. Soon Bev and Phyl conjure up a seance for Tina to contact dead Al to tell her all the good news. The lights are dimmed and wide-eyed Tina and Darlene are soon treated to the gruff, Scottish accent voice of Al coming from the mouth of Bev. But there is trouble ahead when Darlene is told the name of the murderer.Soon an almighty fight breaks out on G-wing when six-footer Darlene Cake and Natalie Buxton fight for their lives.Meanwhile, Selena is delighted to find runaway Kris but is duty-bound to hand her to the authorities. Will Selena

Not Available