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Bad Girls Season 2

Here's where to watch every episode of Bad Girls season 2. Mouseover or tap an episode to see where to stream it. Click or tap the play icon to stream it on the best available service.
Season 02, Episode 01 Tug of Love

S02 E01

Apr 4, 2000
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Tug of Love Apr 4, 2000 As the new series opened, we see Fenner in Helen's office. He obviously thinks that Helen had resigned and that he was the new wing governor. Nikki looked for Helen's car to didn't. Zandra went into labour and was rushed to hospital where she gave birth to a baby boy. Helen finally arrived at the prison, resulting in Jim being annoyed that his dreams of promotion were once again shattered. New warden Karen Betts started work - she and Jim have met before it seems. Robin promised to visit Zandra at Larkhall in the future but then took the baby and left when drugs were discovered in Zandra's cell. Zandra then lost it and ran to the prison roof, threatening to jump off! Dominic saved her from a nasty death though by nearly falling off the roof himself! Nikki told Helen that she can't control her feelings for her but Helen still denied she returns the feelings. Shell somehow got a mobile phone smuggled in, dialled a number and said ""Can I speak to Mrs Fenner?""!

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Season 02, Episode 02 S*it Happens

S02 E02

Apr 11, 2000
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S*it Happens Apr 11, 2000 Helen ignored Nikki on her way to the wing. Yvonne's husband sent her flowers, which Hollamby put on the radiator, then taking great pleasure in presenting Yvonne with the rotting bouquet. Zandra was taken back to the wing. Dockley continued her phone calls to Mrs Fenner and then manipulated Jim into searching Nikki Wade's cell! The two Julies told Jim that the washing machine was broken; he said he'd look at it. Denny wanted to buy a birthday card for her mother, Jessie, who was coming to visit her on her birthday. Yvonne asked the maintenance man Josh to smuggle in some frilly knickers as he came in to fix the washing machine – they were nearly caught by Hollamby who, not believing that Josh was actually fixing the washing machine, stuck her head in it ; getting a soaking for her trouble! Jim searched Nikki's cell for the mobile phone, thinking she has it, and then got attacked by Nikki. This is the last straw, so Helen gets Nikki shipped out for making malicious phonecalls and for

Not Available
Season 02, Episode 03 Visiting Time

S02 E03

Apr 18, 2000
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Visiting Time Apr 18, 2000 The police arrived at Jim Fenner's house and interviewed both him, and his wife Marilyn about Shell Dockley, and Jim's assault on her. Marilyn and Jim decided to stay together for the children's sake but Jim persuaded Marilyn to send Shell a letter, saying that she had broken up their marriage. Stubberfield told Karen Betts that he wanted her to take over as wing governor after Helen's departure. New Prison Officer, Di Barker, arrived on the wing and seems like a nice quiet girl. Julie J learned that her kids are back in the UK and wanted them to visit. Bodybag took great pleasure by refusing. Jim returned to the wing; he confiscated all the letters that he had sent Shell – now she had no evidence against him. He even told her that he loves her - just so she would lie and tell Stubberfield that she made up the allegations. She did and Stubberfield believed her. Denny's mother, Jessie, didn't show up for the visit. The Julies polished the stairs more than was necessary – Sylvia fell do

Not Available
Season 02, Episode 04 Looking For Love

S02 E04

Apr 25, 2000
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Looking For Love Apr 25, 2000 Hollamby survived her fall and looked a picture in a neck brace! She hammed it up by wanting a full investigation. Karen gave Jim all the dogsbody jobs. Josh tried to get Crystal's attention. Dominic became Shell's new personal officer...Poor him! Denny was depressed because her mother didn't show up last week, but was happier when Di told her that that Jessie couldn't have come even if she wanted to because she had been knocked down and was in hospital. Denny was then allowed to go and visit her, accompanied by Di. Jim threatened to tell Stubberfield about his affair with Karen a few years back, only to be put in his place by Stubbberfield who told that he already knew! Zandra was in constant pain because of the drugs. Denny found her mother had discharged herself and was at her hostel. At the hostel, she discovered Jessie drunk. After a tirade of abuse from Jessie, Denny returned to Larkhall lower than ever. Shell seemed to be going mad. Karen decided to bring a group therapist in fo

Not Available
Season 02, Episode 05 Mistaken Identity

S02 E05

May 2, 2000
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Mistaken Identity May 2, 2000 New inmate Barbara Hunt arrived on the wing...except it wasn't really barbara. Due to a mix up by Sylvia, it was actually Mad Tessa Spall! The councillor, Meg Richards, arrived to take the group therapy sessions. Zandra had more severe headaches. Shell teased 'Barbara' and got more than she bargained for when she pinned her against a wall. Nikki received a postcard from Helen. Yvonne gave Sylvia the idea of claiming compensation for her neck injury. After getting Yvonne a private visiting room, Fenner collected his payment later that evening at the golf course from Charlie's golf caddy - unknown to him, he was photographed! 'Barbara' (Mad Tessa) threatened Karen with a syringe of HIV positive blood - they have obviously had a run in at the last prison Karen worked in! Dominic realised the identity mix-up and alerted the other PO's - Jim then saved Karen. Zandra collapsed in pain! The real Barbara Hunt was brought onto the wing.

Not Available
Season 02, Episode 06 Losing It

S02 E06

May 9, 2000
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Losing It May 9, 2000 Sylvia was severely repremanded for her mix-up last week and, when she blamed her neck injury for being ""below par"", was put on an exercise regime. Zandra was diagnosed with low blood pressure and appalling eyesight after her fainting episode - was the Doctor right and did he care? Barbara revealed that she was in prison for helping her terminally ill husband to die and seemed uncomfortable about sharing a room with a lesbian. Shell appeared to be further losing her sanity. Sylvia (and her shellsuit!) were laughed at by everyone. Shell bullied Barbara into getting a pen from art class and then made her write 'Fenner is a rapist' on the wall. Helen visited Nikki, much to Sylvia's shock. Nikki defended Babs when Shell accused her of all the vandalism. Karen discovered that Sylvia's neck wasn't really bad enough to have to wear a neck-collar. Helen became head of the lifers unit.

Not Available
Season 02, Episode 07 The Set-Up

S02 E07

May 16, 2000
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The Set-Up May 16, 2000 Karen informed the staff of what Helen's new job would entail. Yvonne received a calendar from Charlie, featuring the photographs of Jim, at the golf course, taking the money. Zandra suffered a fit and is taken to the hospital for tests. Yvonne summoned Fenner to her cell to show him the ""4 developments"";- Photos of him and Charlie with the money. She informs him she wants out of Larkhall, he had no option but to comply. Yvonne wanted the car that she would be in to be held up for her to escape, but that isn't to be - Charlie was really arrested before she left Larkhall - she left anyway and tried to escape from a toilet window on the way to the 'hospital' - Jim latched on to her idea when he reads in a newspaper that Charlie has been arrested, and stopped Yvonne escaping. Helen secretly photocopied Niki's file.

Not Available
Season 02, Episode 08 Babes Behind Bars

S02 E08

May 23, 2000
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Babes Behind Bars May 23, 2000 Dominic returned from his holiday. Shell told Karen about her childhood - both her parents sexually abused her! She is then worried about her kids, who were staying with her. Karen then set up a visit for her with her mother Rita so that she could discuss the kids. During the meeting, the truth came out and Rita was quick to blame Shell's father. She was told that Shell's children would be taken into care. Yvonne distributed mobile phones to Denny and the 2 Julies - they set up a sex chat line, with Yvonne's daughter Lauren's help. Dominic wass shocked to learn that Zandra had a malignant brain tumour - she needed further tests to determine if it was operable or not. Later, Dr Nicholson unsympathetically told her that it's inoperable and that she had months to live! Dominic voiced his anger that the Dr was doing nothing to help her and that she should be released for her final months. Shell joined the Sex line plan, now called 'Babes Behind Bars', much to Yvonne's annoyance. On Crystal

Not Available
Season 02, Episode 09 The Leaving

S02 E09

May 30, 2000
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The Leaving May 30, 2000 The Julies saw Josh in the yard and told him why Crystal didn't show up. He was annoyed and, when he later saw Crystal, gave her the ring he had bought her and stomped off. Zandra collapsed again; Later, she asked Crystal to pray for her. Shell found Babs' diary and didn't like the entry about her that called her a ‘Psychopath'. Dominic kissed Zandra, prompting her to say ""At least one of my dreams came true"". Shell stole Babs' diary and was quoting parts of it to other people, much to Babs' discomfort. Tissues at the ready because, at that point, Zandra suffered a fatal seizure. The girls held a memorial service for Zandra, during which, Crystal read a note that she had found from Zandra. Dominic arrived half way through with Zandra's baby, Robbie. Crystal had more days added to her sentence after spitting at Dr Nicholson for not helping Zandra enough. Baba entered Shell's cell and demanded her diary back – when Shell refused and started making fun of her late husband, Babs lost her t

Not Available
Season 02, Episode 10 Family Plan

S02 E10

Jun 6, 2000
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Family Plan Jun 6, 2000 Denny and new inmate Shaz seemed to be getting on very well. The 2 Julies hatched a hilarious, madcap plan to get pregnant. Karen wanted to know exactly who it was who broke Shell's arm, no-one, including Shell herself, grassed on Babs. Julie J had the idea of inviting the man, John, who she spoke to through 'Babes Behind Bars' to visit her...then him under the table! He got very annoyed though when Julie dropped the yoghurt pot, in which she was collecting the sperm!!!!! Hardnut, Renee Williams arrived - she obviously knew Yvonne and they seemed like bitter enemies. Denny and Shaz somehow escaped from their cell after lock up and vandalised the toilets. no-one knew that it was them. Shell seemed jealous of the time Denny was now spending with Shaz. The rig was up for 'Babes behind Bars' after a phone was found! Renee tells Yvonne that she had had an affair with 'Her Chalie' - Yvonne obviously didn't beleive her until she mentioned a scar that he had in a very priva

Not Available
Season 02, Episode 11 Rough Justice

S02 E11

Jun 13, 2000
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Rough Justice Jun 13, 2000 Renee was still causing trouble for the inmates by bullying them. Shaz and Denny lured Sylvia into their cell and then run out and slammed the door, locking her in. She then had to give them her keys to let her out - something that's strictly against the rules! Someone was seen crushing nuts and putting them in the pepper pot. Denny put some mouldy bread into Renee's orange juice. Renee used the spiked pepper and was seen choking and finaly, falling dead to the floor! Helen took the first lifers session. The police interview Shaz about the mouldy bread...she admitted it. After drinking on the job, Fenner left and went home. Renne's tests showed that she had died from an allergy so Shaz was off the hook. Karen demoted Sylvia to a basic officer and docked a months pay as a punishment for the keys incident. Yvonne was seen smirking in her cell - nice one Yvonne! Karen went to see Jim at home and he told her that Marilyn had left him and had taken the kids.

Not Available
Season 02, Episode 12 Facing Up

S02 E12

Jun 20, 2000
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Facing Up Jun 20, 2000 Nikki confronted Helen about her night out with Dominic. Karen explained that Sylvia and Jim are off work and also explained about Jim's situation to the other staff. Jim later turned up for work, much to Di and Karen's surprise. Helen had a meeting with Shaz to see how she's coping but Shaz was very flippant about the murders that she had committed – because of this, Helen had the idea of making her meet the family of one of the people she had killed. Dominic assured Di that there was nothing going on between him and Helen. Jim refused to help Di when the inmates started refusing to go into their cells, much to Di's annoyance. Dominic went round to Helen's flat and heard a phone call between her and Nikki – he promised not to say anything. Nikki had heard Dominic's voice at Helen's so it further backed up her theory that Helen was seeing him! Jim apologised to Di for his earlier behaviour. After the meeting with Mrs Foster (The widow of one of the people she had killed), Shaz finally

Not Available
Season 02, Episode 13 Oh What a Night

S02 E13

Jul 4, 2000
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Oh What a Night Jul 4, 2000 In the final episode of series 2, it was the night before Sylvia's 30th wedding anniversary and she's having a big party at the prison. Sylvia quickly added Karen's name to her guest list. Rules are broken because the 2 Julies and Shell are to be waitresses at the party! They hatched a plan to get alcohol – they hid plastic bags down their ‘trakkie bottoms'. Crystal was due for release later that day but was delayed due to a transport problem. Nikki offered the nurse £3,000 to help her escape – the nurse accepted and brought a security pass to Nikki's cell later that night and told her that there was a nurse's uniform in a locker. All the screws were at the party so were not on the wing. Crystal was still waiting for the transport from the prison to be ready so Di offered her a cup of tea in the office while she waited. When she was alone – she eyed Sylvia's present from the staff – a carriage clock. The girls slipped ‘speed' into Sylvia's drink, making her high. Nikki managed to pass

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