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Average Joe Season 2

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Season 02, Episode 01 Hawaii Premiere

S02 E01

Jan 5, 2004
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Hawaii Premiere Jan 5, 2004 In the first episode of 2nd Season we meet new leading lady, Larissa who is a former Miss Missouri USA, just like Melana from 1st Season. She explains that one more reason for here being there is to discover what she wants in a man. In the meantime, we can see how the guys are arriving to the island. Next night Larissa finally met the guys that were there just for her. So, they introduced themselves to Larissa. Soon Larissa freaked out and wanted to quit everything, but she comed to her senses later. Each guy wanted to introduce himself better to her and convince her that he is the write guy for her-hoping to not be the guy between the 4 guys that will leave the island on the same night. After they had a nice time together, Larissa and the guys went to the living room where she decided who will be leaving tonight.

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Season 02, Episode 02 The Group Dates Begin!

S02 E02

Jan 12, 2004
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The Group Dates Begin! Jan 12, 2004 In the second episode guys were surprised when they found out that they will face/off in a boxing ring and that Larissa will be the ring girl. They had to work really hard to win because their fight will have an influence on Larissa's decidion about who will leave the island and who will stay. After their match, Thom, Mike, Tim and David went with Larissa to the first excursion to Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. On their time alone, Larissa discussed with Tim about his agression on the boxing match and had a few good moments with David-they kissed. On the second group date, Justin, Bill, Sean, Brian and Fredo joined Larissa. They went to scuba diving. Just like in the previously group date, she had a discussion with each one of the guys. She chose Fredo. On the thrid date, Phuc, Brian W, Tony, Donato and Sam joined Larissa, as they went to the jungle and by the waterfall. Again, each one of the guys had a little time with Larissa chosed Tony for a date where they made portraits of eac

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Season 02, Episode 03 Hunk-O-Rama

S02 E03

Jan 19, 2004
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Hunk-O-Rama Jan 19, 2004 After more guys left the island, the situatiuon is getting even more in-heat. Not knowing anything about iz, some new guys are just on their way to island… In the meantime, the regular guys get prepared for the group date. This time their mission will be swimming. Larissa gets impressed when Mike finishes the race first. The second one was Tony, Fredo was third and Brian G. was fourth. So, Mike won a private date with Larissa on the same day, but even Sean got hus opportunity. On their date, Mike reveals to Larissa parts of his black past – drugs and alcohol. Later, they kiss. After their date, Sean gets nervous by Larissa' visit. Larissa does her best to relax him. Soon comes the time which one guys hate the most – the time when some guys will be sent out of island. Waiting for her decidion, guys notice that some yacht is on the shore, but they aren't sure what it is. Larissa comes in the room and tells to all the guys that there will be no elimination tonight, because write now every

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Season 02, Episode 04 Knock, knock! Who's There?

S02 E04

Jan 26, 2004
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Knock, knock! Who's There? Jan 26, 2004 The regular guys get in the bad mood when new guys tell them that they will be their competition and that they will live under the same roof. Larissa is glad. They guys express their opinions about the big ""knock-knock"" surprise. As the time passes, the guys talk to each other. The next day a new game comes – guys go to another competition riding a school bus and arriving in school where they're waiting for Larissa, who's playing their teacher. So, their competition was an IQ competition. In the end of round one, the Joes won, so its Joes 1, Hunks 0. Next competition was climbing on a rope. Hunks win and head to the final competition – Dodgeball. Later on, Larissa comed to the hunks where they danced. The Joe's seem to be in a depression since the hunks arrived, so they even thought about the possobility of cancelling the whole thing…

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Season 02, Episode 05 Three Hunks and Three Joes Sent Home!

S02 E05

Feb 2, 2004
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Three Hunks and Three Joes Sent Home! Feb 2, 2004 Now, after guys finally realized what it's all about, they've comed to their senes and decided to fight badly for Larissa. They went together on a horse riding. Larissa had some time alone with them again, so she tried to find out their oppinions about the new guys. For her private date, Larissa chosed Brian W. They had a nice time together, so Brian told Larissa some personal stuffs. After he arrived back home, he shared his date with other guys, which has been funny by the hunks. Next day, Todd went to Larissa wearing tuxedo on her request. They talked about him and his Hollywood career. In the meantime the Joes and the hunks seem toi be getting i neven more bigger fight. Theo even cried befront of camera…what a loser. Soon came the time when Larissa had to eliminate three Joe's and three hunks.

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Season 02, Episode 06 All is Fair in Love and War

S02 E06

Feb 9, 2004
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All is Fair in Love and War Feb 9, 2004 In this episode, guys will go on a beach competition. They will have three missions : Paddle Swim (guys have to paddle a longboard out into the surf, go around outrigger and go back to the shore), Rescue Race (Guys had to get the sunken dummy and drag it to the shore) and Tuf of War. Their helpers will be famous Baywatch actors Michael Bergin (he played J.D. Darius in Baywatch) and Brooke Burns (she played Jessie Owens in Baywatch). Michael will help the Hunks and Brooke will help to the Joes. After their missions finished, Brooke and Michael had to choose one guys from each team that will go on a date with Larissa. Brooke choose Thomas and Michael choose Jim. On their dates, both guys had some time alone with Larissa. Next day, after going on to cliff diving with the guys, Larissa went together with Gil on a date to a local chocolate party where they will make a excursion. They had some nice time together. On the second date, Larissa chose Tony and they went to a lake. In the meantime

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Season 02, Episode 07 Meet Big Momma

S02 E07

Feb 16, 2004
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Meet Big Momma Feb 16, 2004 Larissa was able to spend some nice time with Michael C., Jim and Gil because of a excursion. She questioned every one of them why should she keep them on the island. She choose Michael C. for her date later. They went climbing and spended some romantic time together. Next day, Larissa and the Joes went to a cave hike. They climbed and find a note. Tony did not wanted to touch it, because there was a big possibility that the same incident with the detonator could happen. Larissa read the note and told the guys that everyone of them will have a little time alone with her, so she could decide which one of them will go on a date with her. She chose Fredo with which one she went to a night swimming.Guys found out that Larissa's mother is in town and that she'll be meeting them. When Larissa's mother arrived, Larissa sayed goodbye to her mother and leaved. So, everyone of the guys had a intervju with her mother. What guys did not know is that Larissa's mother is really larissa, but under v

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Season 02, Episode 08 90-Minutes of Romance & Drama!

S02 E08

Feb 23, 2004
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90-Minutes of Romance & Drama! Feb 23, 2004 In this very special 90-minute episode, the heat between guys and Larissa has gone even higher. They all went to Jet Ski challenge. Larissa's job this time was to get to every one of the guys and ask them one question about her. After questioning each one of them Fredo won the game and went to play golf and tennis with Larissa alone. Later on, they went on a massage and talked more together. Next day Larissa and Gil went on a date together to Kona (north part). She told him that she would like if he would open even more to her. He was nervous very much and they kissed. On the same day, while Gil was cooking for her, she asked him about his past relationships, what maked him even more uncomfortable. On her third date, Larissa went with Brian on a sushi. She asked him too about his past relationships, and he told her that he was afraid of the commitment.On her fourth date, she went on a beach in a rowboat together with Jim. Seems that Larissa was even more closer with Jim than with anyo

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Season 02, Episode 09 The Anything-But-Average Finale!

S02 E09

Mar 1, 2004
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The Anything-But-Average Finale! Mar 1, 2004 In the final episode, it was up to Larissa to visit Gil and Brian's hometowns. Gil took Larissa in Florida, and Brian took Larissa to Boston. On one of his commentaries, Brian announced that he is in love with Larissa and told her about it, which leaded to another kiss. Finally, on the last elimination night, it was up to Larissa to finally decide with who will she leave on a romantic trip and who will she sent to an loser place. She took a deep breath, and decided to take Gil as a winner, explaining why she decided to take him.Brian went to a bus back to Boston, while in the meantime, Larissa and Gil arrived to Cabo San Lucas, their paradise. But, in the end, the twists were still not over. Larissa had to tell Gil a secret that she has been keeping for the whole time she was on this show. After few days enjoying, Larissa confessed to Gil that she used to date a italian celebrity hunk Fabio. That fact seemed to hurt Gil, who left Cabo San Lucas.

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