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Asias Monarchies

Documentary2010 - Present1 Season

We journey to the heart of these beautiful lands to understand the relationship between the people and their monarchs. To many, their royal family hampers progression. To others, the royals are the heart and soul of their nation. Asia's monarchies are at a tipping-point and what happens to each of them will bring about a whole new era that will affect not only the East but the whole world.

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Below you'll find every episode from the first season of Asias Monarchies.
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Season 1

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Watch undefined Season 01 Episode 01 S01:E01 - Japan

S01 E01

S01:E01 - Japan Jan 1, 2010

The Japanese Imperial family is the oldest hereditary monarchy in the world, dating back to the sixth century BC. However, its central role Japan has not prevented controversy in recent years. Through personal scandals, and vagaries of the hereditary system, even to their own biology, its been a rocky time. But what is left if every tradition is changeable?

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Watch undefined Season 01 Episode 01 Bhutan

S01 E02

Bhutan Jan 1, 2010

Bhutan's governing party pledged recently to follow the policies of the absolute monarchy it is replacing, after it won a landslide in the countrys first parliamentary elections. This remote, beautiful country truly is in the throes of a noble experiment. What makes this experiment unique is that this move towards democracy has been initiated by the ruling monarch himself.

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Watch undefined Season 01 Episode 01 Cambodia

S01 E03

Cambodia Jan 1, 2010

King Sihanouk retired in 2004, giving way to his son, Sihamoni - a ballet dancer. Unlike many monarchies, Cambodia's is not hereditary - rather the next monarch is chosen by the National Assembly from a pool of eligible candidates. When Sihamoni was chosen, what sort of monarch were they hoping to crown?

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Watch undefined Season 01 Episode 01 S01:E04 - Nepal

S01 E04

S01:E04 - Nepal Jan 1, 2010

In 2008, Nepal's monarchy was ousted from power, turfed out of their palaces, and the country began a new era as a republic. The story of the fall of the house of Shah is one of bloodshed, betrayal and intrigue. The transformation from kingdom to republic was swift, dramatic, and leaves huge questions unanswered about the future.

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Watch undefined Season 01 Episode 01 Brunei

S01 E05

Brunei Jan 1, 2010

Brunei may be one of the richest nations in the world, but financial problems have beset even their royal house. The sultan has recently made moves towards some form of partial democracy. However, it is up to him whether or not he introduces it. Why did he make a move to do so, and then let it drop?

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