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As Time Goes By Season 10

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Season 10, Episode 01 Christmas Special Part One

S10 E01

Dec 26, 2005
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Christmas Special Part One Dec 26, 2005 Jean feathers the nest for grandchildren, even though Lionel points out that neither Judy nor Sandy have gotten pregnant yet. It turns out that Judy and Alistair have been trying, with no results, and Judy suspects the problem may be Alistair--who is wildly overcompensating to prove his virility. Meanwhile, Sandy is upset because Harry seeks a promotion that may put him in harm's way. And in the middle of all this, Lionel gets a very unexpected visitor from Africa.

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Season 10, Episode 02 Christmas Special Part Two

S10 E02

Dec 30, 2005
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Christmas Special Part Two Dec 30, 2005 Judy and Sandy play a horrid trick on the strait-laced Penny and Stephen. The entire extended family winds up at the A&E when Rocky is injured line dancing and Stephen's quest to become a celebrity results in injuries for himself and Penny.

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