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As the World Turns Season 52

Here's where to watch every episode of As the World Turns season 52. Mouseover or tap an episode to see where to stream it. Click or tap the play icon to stream it on the best available service.
Season 52, Episode 01 Dutch DVD special Geheimen en Schandalen

S52 E01

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Dutch DVD special Geheimen en Schandalen Dutch DVD special geheimen en schandalen

Not Available
Season 52, Episode 02 Ep. #12986

S52 E02

Apr 3, 2007
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Ep. #12986 Apr 3, 2007 A Las Vegas porn producer gives Emily trouble. Casey goes to the station to turn himself in. Tom tells Casey that there's something wrong with his story on why he left to Michigan. Margo thinks he left town because Maddie was in trouble. Susan tells Dusty that she is worried that Emily might be in some kind of trouble. Gwen spots Jade outside Al's Diner and Will says to just ignore her. Lance tells Emily that it's not Alison in the movie and Emily thinks he's lying. Barbara wants answers from Will gave his whole trust fund to Iris and what she has on them. Will tells Barbara about Gwen and Maddie burying Adam thinking that he was dead. Dusty learns from Cheri that Emily is no longer hooking and that she quit. Alison walks in and thanks Lance for telling Emily that he never met her. Barbara threatens to kill Jade if she opens her mouth about Adam to the police. Source:

Not Available
Season 52, Episode 03 Dutch DVD special Prachtige huwelijken

S52 E03

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Dutch DVD special Prachtige huwelijken Dutch DVD special Prachtige huwelijken

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Season 52, Episode 04 Ep. #12988

S52 E04

Apr 5, 2007
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Ep. #12988 Apr 5, 2007 Emily tells Dusty that she is prepared to pay him $32,000 if he helps her rescue Alison. Tom tells Maddie that Casey has been placed under house arrest until the sentencing hearing. Will tries to convince Gwen that everything will be fine until Jade arrives and tells Will that Barbara threatened her. Brad tells Henry that nothing happened. Henry says to Vienna this will never work between them and leaves and says that the wedding is off. Jack and Katie decide to have dinner at Al's after discussing Brad and Henry. Luke gives Jade an idea to look for someone that is similar to Gwen and to do her dirty work for her, she then thinks that it could work. Katie and Jack try to persuade that Vienna is only interested in him and not Brad. Jade is able to get a picture of Gwen. Jack gives Brad a message from Henry and punches him in the face. Vienna and Henry patch things up and proceed with the wedding. Dusty and Emily break into Lance's office in Las Vegas and find out that he was indeed lying of ever knowing Alison. Source:

Not Available
Season 52, Episode 05  Ep. #12989

S52 E05

Apr 6, 2007
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Ep. #12989 Apr 6, 2007 Dusty comes face-to-face with Alison. Jade receives an online response and meets up with Cleo that looks similar to Gwen. Margo tells Will that she got a call from Adam. Gwen interrupts a intimate moment between Maddie and Casey. Alison tells Emily to go ahead and call Susan and that would drive her to the bottle again. Gwen tells Maddie that she took a chance having sex with Casey and asked if she was careful, when Margo could've walked in instead of he and caught them. Dusty and Emily try to think of a way to get Alison away from Lance. Jade keeps Cleo from going to say Hi to Gwen as she and Will walk into Al's. Margo walks in on Casey and Maddie having sex on the couch. Source:

Not Available
Season 52, Episode 06 Ep. #12990

S52 E06

Apr 9, 2007
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Ep. #12990 Apr 9, 2007 After seeing Casey and Maddie on the couch Margo then tells Casey that Maddie is not ready for this and Margo asks Maddie to move out of the house. Dusty tells Emily that Alison is on Crystal Meth, and after hearing Alison trash Emily for what she did in the past, Dusty tells her either she comes back to Oakdale with them or he'll call the police. Henry learns that Vienna plans to invite her brothers to the wedding but plans to just have Henry by her side and that's all she needs. Jade keeps Cleo from meeting Gwen and telling her that she looks like her. Cleo looks at Gwen through the window at Al's after Jade leaves.

Not Available
Season 52, Episode 07 Ep. #12991

S52 E07

Apr 10, 2007
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Ep. #12991 Apr 10, 2007 Lily wants Holden to tell her that she hasn't lost him too. Craig tells Lucinda to say goodbye to WorldWide and hello to Montgomery Enterprises. Brad wants Jack to condone for assaulting him the other day at the station. Meg tells Paul to get him to believe that he saw a vision about Johnny's whereabouts Jack is jealous when he sees Katie helping Brad's tuxedo fitting. Vienna looks on as Jack arrests Henry at the Lakeview lounge thinking it's because she gave him all her money. Source:

Not Available
Season 52, Episode 12 Ep. #12996

S52 E12

Apr 18, 2007
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Ep. #12996 Apr 18, 2007 Lily tells Lucinda that she has a fool proof plan on getting WorldWide back to her. Holden finds another box of laxatives and confronts Faith. After running into Katie at the station Jack can't stop thinking about their kiss. Katie tells Margo that she liked the kiss very much, Margo then tells Katie if she wants something more from Jack. Lily buys another bottle of diet pills. Maddie is told by Casey that he wants to speed up the sentencing. Maddie and Casey share a romantic moment not realizing how much time they have left, she's then able to get out of the house before his parents see her. Casey receives harsh news from Margo and Tom that his sentencing is tomorrow. Source:

Not Available
Season 52, Episode 15 Ep. #12999

S52 E15

Apr 23, 2007
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Ep. #12999 Apr 23, 2007 Luke apologizes to Jade for the way he treated her the other day, and makes an excuse to keep him from finding Cleo. Tom tells Casey that the judge has made his decision. Will and Gwen take Maddie to see Casey at the station, and Casey says that he'll call her when the judge hands down his sentence. Paul is amazed on how much Alison sounds like Rosanna. Maddie is worried that Casey will do time in prison. Cleo tells Jade that she is going take a test and completley fools Elwood into thinking that she is Gwen. Maddie learns that Casey is going to prison for six months. Cleo tells Jade that her bullying stops now and the twoare almost spotted by Gwen and Will while they're talking to Elwood. Source:

Not Available
Season 52, Episode 17 Ep. #13001

S52 E17

Apr 25, 2007
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Ep. #13001 Apr 25, 2007 Katie puts her plan to reunite Vienna and Henry in motion after learning from Brad that he never slept with Vienna. Gwen, Will and Maddie surprise Casey and he tells everyone to get out and that he's in no mood for a party and that he's going to prison, but convinces to join in the fun. Henry tells Katie that he heard Brad in Vienna's hotel room and Katie lets Brad have it. Cleo lets herself into Gwen and Will's house and goes through her things to do her research. Tom and Margo tell Casey that he was granted two days of freedom and no more ankle bracelet. Cleo hides as Gwen and Will come home. Henry goes to see Vienna and apologizes to her and she accepts it, but takes it back when he returns her money to her. Gwen gets a suspicious e-mail from Carly. The cabin is set up for Casey and Maddie's romantic evening. Source:

Not Available
Season 52, Episode 21 Ep. #13005

S52 E21

May 1, 2007
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Ep. #13005 May 1, 2007 Katie threatens to shred Brad's little black book if he doesn't tell her what he told Jack. Jade tries to keep Gwen from going home and finding Cleo there. Cleo tries he best to convince Will by pretending that she is Gwen, but he sees right through her and Cleo takes off the wig and admits to Will who she is. Casey and Maddie share a romantic dinner at the Lakeview lounge and learns that Maddie got accepted into Wesleyan but she says she's not going thinking if she does go they won't be together. Jade begins to get nervous when she sees Cleo without her wig and Will is calling the cops, but Will changes his mind if Cleo leaves town and never bothers Gwen again. Will tells Gwen when she comes back about the visitor that he just had. Source:

Not Available
Season 52, Episode 22 Ep. #13006

S52 E22

May 2, 2007
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Ep. #13006 May 2, 2007 Will goes after Casey when he attempts to tell Maddie goodbye. Henry overhears Vienna giving Maddie some words of wisdom and then goes to see Casey, Henry then thanks her for making Maddie feel good. Paul tells Meg that Alison sounds like Rosanna and will use her voice to make Craig think Rosanna came out of her coma. Maddie and Casey share an emotional goodbye as he heads off to prison. Lucinda tells Alison about the project that she and Paul are working on. Emily wants to know why the suddden change in Alison from excited to tired when says she doesn't want to get a pedicure anymore. Gwen comes face-to-face with Cleo. Source:

Not Available