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Arena Season 2007

Here's where to watch every episode of Arena season 2007. Mouseover or tap an episode to see where to stream it. Click or tap the play icon to stream it on the best available service.
Season 2007, Episode 01 The Other Side of the Mirror - Bob Dylan at the Newport Folk Festival

S2007 E01

Oct 14, 2007
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The Other Side of the Mirror - Bob Dylan at the Newport Folk Festival Oct 14, 2007 Murray Lerner's documentary features Bob Dylan's performances at the Newport folk festival between 1963 and 1965 - the time when Dylan changed the music of the world and changed himself from the fresh-faced cherub singing Blowin' in the Wind to the rock 'n' roll shaman who blew pop music apart when he went electric.The film No Direction Home told the story of how Dylan affected the world and the world affected Dylan, but this film brings you face to face with the work itself. Like the discovery of a hitherto unknown manuscript or an unseen masterpiece, this is a treasure trove, newly opened up.

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Season 2007, Episode 02 Ken Dodd's Happiness

S2007 E02

Dec 24, 2007
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Ken Dodd's Happiness Dec 24, 2007 Comedian Ken Dodd turned 80 in 2007. Armed with his tickling sticks, stand-up routines and songs he continues to delight his devoted audiences all over the country with his Happiness show. Arena's exploration of Britain's most enduring variety entertainer reveals his personal analysis of humour and illustrates why Ken Dodd is acknowledged as one of the finest exponents of his comic craft.

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Season 2007, Episode 03 Shadowing The Third Man

S2007 E03

Dec 31, 2007
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Shadowing The Third Man Dec 31, 2007 The fractured state of Europe after World War II was perfectly captured in Carol Reed's thriller The Third Man. Set in Vienna and with Orson Welles starring unforgettably as the mysterious Harry Lime, it showcased some of Graham Greene's finest screenwriting.With unlimited access to the original movie, Arena explores the filmmaking artistry, moral world and furious infighting behind the film.

Not Available
Season 2007, Episode 04 Underground

S2007 E04

Mar 18, 2007
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Underground Mar 18, 2007 The Tube is the world's oldest underground railway system, with its own unwritten rules of behaviour and protocol. This Arena begins 150 years ago in a Victorian London of slums and gaslight, and takes the viewer on a thrilling and mysterious adventure through Tube history. Using the voices of passengers and Tube staff, the programme is nothing less than a celebration of a parallel universe, underground.The film has been produced for Arena by Lone Star productions in association with London's Transport Museum.

Not Available
Season 2007, Episode 05 The Comic Strip Hero

S2007 E05

Sep 30, 2007
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The Comic Strip Hero Sep 30, 2007 A look at the legend of 'Superman' and its portrayal in comic books and films.

Not Available
Season 2007, Episode 06 Bob Marley: Exodus

S2007 E06

Jun 3, 2007
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Bob Marley: Exodus Jun 3, 2007 Marley's legendary concert at the Rainbow in the summer of 1977 took reggae music and the message of Rastafaria to a world that hitherto had been exposed to neither. The programme is a visual evocation of the world of 1977, a world that seems very far away now, and of the spirit of Marley's most significant album.

Not Available
Season 2007, Episode 07 Flames of Passion: The Other Side of British Cinema

S2007 E07

Dec 29, 2013
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Flames of Passion: The Other Side of British Cinema Dec 29, 2013 From the Second World War to the early 1960s, British movies were hugely popular with British audiences. Yet leaving aside an acknowledged classic or two, the mainstream films of these years have been dismissed by filmmakers and critics as unexciting and unremarkable, emotionally dead and lacking any sense of true cinematic flair. The French director Francois Truffaut suggested that "there is a certain incompatibility between the terms cinema and Britain", and Pauline Kael, America's most famous critic, reflected that "British cinema has always been a sad joke".With a wealth of vibrant extracts from forgotten and over-looked movies, Flames of Passion celebrates the British cinema of the 1940s and 1950s. The melodramas, crime films and horror shockers of these years, almost all of which were derided by contemporary critics, reveal a flamboyant, sometimes spectacular, poetic, perverse, and surprisingly sexy cinema. Yet this is also a cinema of great feeling and emotional complexity, dealing with the difficulties and occasional traumas of women and men as they come to terms with the post-war world. And it is a cinema that is centrally and compellingly about Britain and the British, about our ideas of who we were and who we are.Flames of Passion, produced for BBC2's Arena strand, is a film created entirely from film extracts and stills. Among the key films featured are the mystical wartime story A Canterbury Tale (1944), the noir classic They Made Me a Fugitive (1947), the bizarre melodrama Madonna of the Seven Moons (1944), the taut kidnap drama Obsession (1948) and the gritty, edgy Hell Drivers (1957).

Not Available
Season 2007, Episode 08 The Archers 15,000th Episode

S2007 E08

Oct 4, 2007
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The Archers 15,000th Episode Oct 4, 2007 Stephen Fry narrates a documentary which goes behind the scenes at The Archers and follows the production team as they put together the 15,000th episode of the world's longest-running radio soap. They plot, write and record the thrilling climax to the story that hit the headlines in November 2006 - the love triangle between David Archer, his wife Ruth, and herdsman Sam.With extracts from episodes dating back over its history and interviews with actors, editors, writers and fans, the film delves into the nooks and crannies of The Archers and examines the enduring appeal of this hugely popular agricultural soap.

Not Available
Season 2007, Episode 09 Into the Limelight

S2007 E09

Oct 6, 2007
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Into the Limelight Oct 6, 2007 A documentary looking at the tribute bands who play at and the life that revolves the Limelight Club in a converted Methodist church in Crewe in the north west of England.

Not Available
Season 2007, Episode 10 Radio Ha! It's Time for Just a Minute

S2007 E10

Oct 1, 2007
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Radio Ha! It's Time for Just a Minute Oct 1, 2007

Not Available
Season 2007, Episode 11 Encountering Bergman

S2007 E11

Jul 13, 2007
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Encountering Bergman Jul 13, 2007 A profile of the famous Swedish film director Ingmar Bergman through the eyes of three people who interviewed him: Melvyn Bragg, Olivier Assayas & Marie Nyreröd. Narrated by Dilly Barlow.

Not Available