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Arena Season 1994

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Season 1994, Episode 08 Glitterbug - Derek Jarman

S1994 E08

Mar 5, 1994
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Glitterbug - Derek Jarman Mar 5, 1994 During the 1970s and 1980s Derek Jarman kept a Super-8 film diary, chronicling the cultural high life and low life of London. The footage ranges from William Burroughs reading aloud at the nightclub Heaven, to candid behind-the-scenes footage of his most controversial feature films including Jubilee and Sebastiane. The original music is written by his long term collaborator Brian Eno. Glitterbug, his last film, was shown as a tribute to Jarman who died on 19 February 1994

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Season 1994, Episode 09 Philip K. Dick A Day In The Afterlife

S1994 E09

Apr 9, 1994
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Philip K. Dick A Day In The Afterlife Apr 9, 1994 Documentary which goes on an imaginative tour from the Colorado grave where Dick is buried to the suburbs of California where he lived and worked. Talks to his ex-wives, friends and biographers.

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Season 1994, Episode 10 Voices from the Island

S1994 E10

Apr 23, 1994
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Voices from the Island Apr 23, 1994 Nelson Mandela and his fellow ex-prisoners recall their incarceration on South Africa's Robben Island. For three decades, the island housed not only political prisoners but convicts, lepers and the mentally ill. Yet amidst the hopelessness, Nelson Mandela and his comrades devised strategies and subterfuges with which they transformed life on the island, while the vision of a new South Africa began to take shape.

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Season 1994, Episode 11 The Ring - A South London Tale

S1994 E11

May 31, 1994
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The Ring - A South London Tale May 31, 1994 Documentary following Paul Lynch of South London, who takes part in illegal bare-knuckle fights, and is challenged by the `Cyclone', the supposed Northern Ireland bare-knuckle boxing champion. Despite the build-up and apparent animosity between the two men, the `Cyclone' pulls out and the fight never takes place. It further transpires that Lynch, whose previous claim to fame was as the world press-up champion (with a tv appearance on RECORD BREAKERS), has probably engineered the whole circumstances. There never was anyone called the `Cyclone' (one of Lynch's friends in disguise) and all of the supposed footage of bare-knuckle boxing during the programme was staged. Just how much the programme makers were in on the hoax from the beginning is unclear.

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