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Are You Being Served? Season 5

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Season 05, Episode 01 Mrs. Slocombe Expects

S05 E01

Feb 25, 1977
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Mrs. Slocombe Expects Feb 25, 1977 The staff have kittens when Mrs. Slocombe announces she's expecting a happy event, but it turns out that it's merely her cat that's pregnant; when she refuses to leave Tiddles unattended, she braves the ire of Captain Peacock by smuggling the cat into the ladies' fitting room.

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Season 05, Episode 02 A Change Is As Good As a Rest

S05 E02

Mar 4, 1977
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A Change Is As Good As a Rest Mar 4, 1977 When Mr. Grace announces that he plans on temporarily reorganizing the departments, the staff are indignant, but find that work can be a lot of fun...if you're working in the toy department.

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Season 05, Episode 03 Founder's Day

S05 E03

Mar 11, 1977
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Founder's Day Mar 11, 1977 To celebrate Mr. Grace's 80th birthday, the staff organize This is Your Department, a spoof of This is Your Life.

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Season 05, Episode 04 The Old Order Changes

S05 E04

Mar 18, 1977
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The Old Order Changes Mar 18, 1977 Young Mr. Grace returns from a trip to the U.S. with a host of new sales techniques that he is eager to implement.

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Season 05, Episode 05 Take-over

S05 E05

Mar 24, 1977
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Take-over Mar 24, 1977 The staff prevent another firm's hostile takeover of Grace Brothers by impersonating the shareholders. Mr. Harman gives a rousing speech, and Grace Brothers is saved.

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Season 05, Episode 06 Goodbye Mr. Grainger

S05 E06

Mar 31, 1977
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Goodbye Mr. Grainger Mar 31, 1977 Mr. Grainger's temper has become extremely short. The staff, in a private meeting with Mr. Rumbold, decide he must go. However, when he wins the lottery, his bad mood vanishes and he makes his peace with the staff and stays on.

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Season 05, Episode 07 It Pays to Advertise

S05 E07

Apr 7, 1977
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It Pays to Advertise Apr 7, 1977 The staff star in a TV commercial for Grace Brothers, produced by Mr. Humphries. Could Mr. Grace's cheapness be the reason for using his staff in such fashion?

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