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Are They a Con? Season 1

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S01 E01

Feb 17, 2020
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Ready Meals Feb 17, 2020 Paul Connolly and Jean Johansson present a consumer show investigating claims made by shops and advertisers. In the first edition, they examine pre-prepared food, meeting a Birmingham family whose two ready-meal mad kids can't get enough of the microwave. But will they still be fans when Paul shows them some of the things that may be lurking in their lunch? The team also looks at the bacteria that might be hiding inside some of the most popular convenience foods used by millions of families across the UK.

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S01 E02

Mar 4, 2020
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Health Foods Mar 4, 2020 Paul Connolly and Jean Johansson lift the lid on health foods and other products, meeting a health-mad Cheshire family who may be falling for some of the supermarket branding tricks. There is an undercover report to see whether shops signs claiming to sell healthy foods are as clear as they suggest and a look at the truth behind some of the celebrity-endorsed hair products being sold online. Plus, checks out some of the online intolerance tests that claim to list all the things to avoid eating. Why do they give different sets or results?

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S01 E03

Mar 11, 2020
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Recycling Mar 11, 2020 Paul Connolly and Jean Johansson investigate whether councils and the big-name supermarkets are as environmentally friendly as they claim. Paul meets a family of keen recyclers from Derbyshire whose efforts to be green may unwittingly mean their recycled waste is ending up on a landfill. The team places a tracking device inside some waste to follow exactly where the councils are sending it - and the results prove shocking. Meanwhile, Jean checks out some of the bugs that may be lurking inside the environmentally friendly water bottles people are being advised to use.

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