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An Island Parish Season 8

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Season 08, Episode 01 Sark - Tis The Season

S08 E01

Jan 17, 2014
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Sark - Tis The Season Jan 17, 2014 As Christmas approaches, everyone on the island makes their own unique preparations. Julie at Foodstop installs Norwegian hand-made elves in the shop, fisherman Baz Adams distributes enough mistletoe to keep the entire island kissing for months, and Methodist lay preacher Karen Le Mouton enlists the help of all the knitters on the island, as she makes preparations for her special 'Knitivity' Service.

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Season 08, Episode 02 Sark - Busy Hands are Never in Want

S08 E02

Jan 24, 2014
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Sark - Busy Hands are Never in Want Jan 24, 2014 The new year is heralded by Sark's own unique interpretation of three-day eventing, with the islanders dressed as horses, but soon the realities of January on Sark kick in. Without any tourist trade all must do what they can to make ends meet, but that's one of the attractions of island life. Dave the shepherd is taking on tree surgery, Dick the fisherman is straightening grave stones and Peter the harbour master is working on his music. Methodist lay preacher Karen Le Mouton puts herself forward to be considered for ordination, a potentially life-changing process.

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Season 08, Episode 03 Sark - Sark's Got Talent

S08 E03

Jan 31, 2014
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Sark - Sark's Got Talent Jan 31, 2014 February brings freezing temperatures but unique opportunities to the islanders too: Mini McCusker leaps into the sea - as she does every day - on the high spring tide, while some hours later Dave Scott the shepherd takes the afternoon off with his wife Estelle to go ormering, the pursuit of a huge shellfish only findable on the low spring tide. The island is a-buzz with a forthcoming talent competition ('Sark's Got Talent') in aid of charity, which sees a huge turnout and an eclectic range of acts, with children's choirs, solo vocalists, stand up comedy and a man dressed as a chicken clucking the theme to Match of the Day. But away from all this, Methodist lay preacher Karen Le Mouton is juggling huge demands, as she seeks to clear the final hurdle to being accepted for ordination whilst her mother lies terminally ill at home.

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Season 08, Episode 04 Sark - The Wheel Has Come Full Circle

S08 E04

Feb 7, 2014
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Sark - The Wheel Has Come Full Circle Feb 7, 2014 With Easter fast approaching, traditionally the beginning of Sark's tourist season, it is a busy time for many. Jo Birch is busy getting the Seigneurie Gardens ready - it is the island's most popular tourist attraction. Dave Scott the shepherd is bracing himself for the lambing season and Bas needs to get his boat painted in time for the start of the fishing season. But then a blizzard, along with a force nine gale, throws many plans into disarray. As Easter weekend arrives Sark's two churches deliver their own interpretations. Methodist Karen Le Mouton prepares a child-friendly service involving mini-eggs, while Nigel Walker, locum vicar at the Anglican St Peter's, carries a crucifix through the village, which has never been done before.

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Season 08, Episode 05 Sark - If You Want Something Doing...

S08 E05

Feb 14, 2014
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Sark - If You Want Something Doing... Feb 14, 2014 On an island as independent and isolated as Sark, the volunteer culture is strong; who else is going to do it if you won't do it yourself? This extends to Sark's parliament, the Chief Pleas, but also includes the island's emergency services. The volunteer fire brigade (led by farmer and church organist Kevin Adams) get a weekend of training down at the harbour. Raising money for charity is also the norm on Sark, from Zoe Adams's famous jumble sales (the island's limited clothes shopping opportunities means that the ladies fashion stall generates a febrile atmosphere) and a charity calendar featuring Sark's emergency service personnel as they have never been seen before...

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Season 08, Episode 06 Sark - The Times They Are A-Changing

S08 E06

Feb 21, 2014
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Sark - The Times They Are A-Changing Feb 21, 2014 The final episode of the series covers the delicate position that Sark finds itself in as it balances its uniquely old-fashioned qualities - the ones the visitors flock to experience - against the arrival of the 21st century and all the modern initiatives that brings. Rosie Guille organises a visit from respected artists to capture the beauty of the island and highlight conservation issues, but the arrival of a huge road maintenance machine (the Mericrusher) represents the future, doing a job that road gangs of out-of-season fishermen used to do.Methodist lay preacher Karen Le Mouton has dedicated the last three years of her life to the people of Sark but now, on the verge of beginning ordination training, she and her congregation must come to terms with the idea that she may have to leave her beloved Sark.

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