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An Island Parish Season 10

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Season 10, Episode 01 Falklands - Changing Times

S10 E01

Nov 13, 2015
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Falklands - Changing Times Nov 13, 2015 It's autumn in the southern hemisphere and the Rev Richard Hines is preparing for Palm Sunday. This means an expedition to one of his favourite beaches to collect tussock grass to make 100 crosses by hand, to give out in church on Easter Sunday. Hattie and Kevin Kilmartin are cooking up a feast of reindeer kebabs, upland goose terrine, sea trout and diddle dee bellinis - all local produce - to make their end-of-season thank you party go with a swing. On Saunders Island, the Pole-Evans family, including daughters Louise and Carol, are getting ready to send their sheep off to market. But loading them onto the Concordia Bay ferry which will carry them safely back to the mainland is a major operation requiring all hands to the pump. It's HM the Queen's birthday, which the islanders always celebrate with a parade and a reception at Government House, hosted by interim governor John Duncan who was last here 17 years ago.

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Season 10, Episode 02 Falklands - Easter Blessings

S10 E02

Nov 20, 2015
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Falklands - Easter Blessings Nov 20, 2015 It's Easter week and the Rev Richard lends a hand in Stanley's only bakery putting the finishing touches to the hot cross buns. Meanwhile, over on West Falkland - the other main island - farmer Critta Lee is putting in some last-minute practice with his sheep dogs Duke and Bitzer. He's off to the local inter-island sheep dog trials, and after coming second last year he's got high hopes of carrying off the big prize. Back on the East Island, the Falklands' resident taxidermist and animal artist Steve Massam is putting the finishing touches to his first attempt of a human sculpture - a bronze bust of Margaret Thatcher.And just in time for Easter, entrepreneur Alan Steen rushes through the snow to the airport to pick up 1,200 newborn baby chicks that have been flown in from the UK.

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Season 10, Episode 03 Falklands - A New Era...

S10 E03

Nov 27, 2015
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Falklands - A New Era... Nov 27, 2015 The Texans come to town to update the islanders on the oil exploration going on offshore. In 1998, Falkland islanders are told that there are huge deposits of oil in the waters surrounding the islands. Whilst many islanders are excited about the possible benefits oil could bring, others are concerned about the changes they will bring. Resident marine biologist Megan Tierney is pioneering some new research using a tracking system and sets out to catch some gentoo penguins so that she can find out where they go to feed during the winter.Meanwhile, the islanders are practising their dance steps for the annual May Ball. It is a rite of passage for Stanley teenagers and everyone wants to look their best for the big night.And there is a new army padre on the islands and he's got a sidekick. Padre Ian Brown and puppet grandpa do their best to entertain the troops and local school children.

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Season 10, Episode 04 Falklands - Honouring the Past

S10 E04

Dec 4, 2015
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Falklands - Honouring the Past Dec 4, 2015 It is the anniversary of the Battle of Mount Tumbledown, and the Rev Richard Hines joins the scouts on a trek up to the summit, where they honour those who died during the fierce fighting. They lay a wreath, bury a memento and do their duty by giving the memorial cross a good polish. Meanwhile, the new governor Colin Roberts and his wife Camilla have arrived on the island. There is a lot of unpacking to do, from Camilla's homemade jam to the photos of their two little boys. But another important family member is also about to turn up. Bonnie, their spaniel, has been three weeks at sea and has arrived safely. She is bursting to get to know her new home, but first she has to be inspected and vaccinated by local vet Steve Pointing.Out in 'camp' (anywhere in the Falklands outside of the capital Stanley - from the Spanish word campo) Lisa Lowe lovingly tends her herd of Ayrshire cows. Willow, Ella and Molly are among only a handful of dairy cows on the islands and their fresh milk is like gold dust to Lisa's eager customers in Stanley.

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Season 10, Episode 05 Falklands - Sink or Swim

S10 E05

Dec 15, 2015
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Falklands - Sink or Swim Dec 15, 2015 It is midwinter and the Rev Richard Hines and vet Steve Pointing are limbering up for the ultimate Falklands Islands challenge - the midwinter swim. This means plunging into near-freezing Antarctic waters and over 200 people have gathered in Surf Bay to honour this annual tradition. On West Falkland island, Dr Becky Edwards is facing a difficult decision - the job of chief medical officer at the Stanley Hospital is up for grabs. Will it be too disruptive for her young family if she has to spend much more time in the capital, leaving them behind on the family farm in Port Howard? And on board the Falkland Islands patrol ship HMS Clyde, captain Sarah Oakley is preparing to take part in the commemorations for Liberation Day.

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Season 10, Episode 06 Falklands - The Final Chapter

S10 E06

Dec 18, 2015
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Falklands - The Final Chapter Dec 18, 2015 It is winter in the Falklands, and the Rev Richard Hines is almost at the end of his seven-year posting as rector of the largest Anglican parish in the southern hemisphere. But there is much-needed pastoral care to be done before he leaves. On Pebble Island, Arina and partner Raymond are leaving the farm that their families have had connections to for over 100 years. Their tenancy is up and they are moving from their deserted island to the capital, Stanley, with over 2,500 inhabitants. Richard drops in to see if he can help them through this difficult time. George the king penguin is in the care of the Falklands Conservation team after he was found covered in oil. Local vet Steve Pointing visits and oversees a swim to see if George is fit enough to be released back into the wild. Meanwhile, resident taxidermist Steve Massam puts the finishing touches to his long-term project at the museum - a diorama of all the exotic wildlife in the Falklands.The islanders also pay fond farewells to the Rev Richard and his wife Jen - making him an honorary member of the South Atlantic Medal Association - a rare honour. Richard then gives his final service at the world's most southerly cathedral and bids a sad farewell to these islands that have meant so much to him.

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