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Alaska State Troopers Season 1

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Season 01, Episode 01 Ice Patrol

S01 E01

Oct 15, 2009
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Ice Patrol Oct 15, 2009 At the 2009 Arctic Man Ski and Sno-Go Classic--Alaskas version of Mardi Gras--troopers face a massive law enforcement challenge as roughly 10,000 people celebrate and snowmachine enthusiasts test their skills. The races and parties last for 4 days in the remote Hoodoo Mountains, and its up to just 13 Alaska State Troopers to keep the peace, enforce the laws, and perform dangerous search and rescue missions. Then in Fairbanks, troopers fight crime and undergo a nighttime training exercise while another trooper and his K-9 partner search a suspicious vehicle. And wildlife troopers have their hands full during the moose hunting season: theyre on the case when several illegally killed animals are discovered.

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Season 01, Episode 02 Crime on the Kenai

S01 E02

Oct 22, 2009
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Crime on the Kenai Oct 22, 2009 Unforgivable terrain mixed with big city crime makes challenging work for troopers in Soldotna, a city on the Kenai Peninsula. Trooper Brent Hatch responds to an ATV accident where an intoxicated youth lashes out. After a struggle, the youth ends up inside the walls of Wildwood Pretrial Facility. Then, a trooper investigates a collision between a motorcyclist and a semi truck, while another tracks down an 11-year-old runaway. Several troopers spend hours searching pitch black woods for a suspect who has previously assaulted an officer, and a wildlife trooper hits the waterways of the Kenai River. Alaska has the highest rate of missing persons reports in the country, and troopers are responsible for search and rescue missions. They must take to the skies to find two hunters stranded in the southeastern wilderness, an area with one of the highest concentrations of bear mauling in Alaska.

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Season 01, Episode 03 Alaskan Justice

S01 E03

Oct 29, 2009
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Alaskan Justice Oct 29, 2009 In the Alaskan outback, alcohol abuse is devastating communities and sending crime rates through the roof. Enforcing the law in this vast and nearly road-less region presents extreme challenges. The jail is located over a hundred miles from some of the native Alaskan villages where crimes are committed, and its the job of the State Troopers to haul suspects in. But in a world almost empty of roads, the job requires risky plane flights and boat trips for Troopers traveling alone with potentially dangerous offenders. Once in jail, untested inmates must defend themselves against tougher and more aggressive convicts, while guards strive to keep homemade alcohol out of the jail so that mayhem doesnt prevail.

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Season 01, Episode 04 The Wild West

S01 E04

Nov 5, 2009
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The Wild West Nov 5, 2009 Go inside one of the worlds most unique law enforcement agencies as the Alaska State Troopers fight crime, enforce fish and game regulations, and patrol the rugged terrain of Americas largest state. This episode takes viewers across Alaskas vast frontier as Troopers fight crime in Brevig Mission, survey the devastating flooding of the mighty Yukon River, go inside the walls of Anvil Mountain Correction Center in Nome, and take a few minutes to watch part of the famed Iditarod Dog Sled Race.

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Season 01, Episode 05 Frontier Force

S01 E05

Nov 12, 2009
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Frontier Force Nov 12, 2009 Go inside one of the worlds most unique law enforcement agencies as the Alaska State Troopers fight crime, enforce fish and game regulations, and conduct search and rescue operations in Americas last frontier. This episode takes viewers all over this enormous state as Troopers fight crime on the streets of Wasilla, conduct a search and rescue operation on the frozen Yukon River, enforce hunting regulations in the wilds near Fairbanks, and train for survival in Sitka.

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Season 01, Episode 06 Alaskan Justice

S01 E06

Dec 17, 2009
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Alaskan Justice Dec 17, 2009 Watch as the Troopers special drug unit goes undercover to set up an Oxycontin dealer in the western outpost of Bethel. Even with its remote location, Bethel has its share of big-city drug problems. The Western Alaska Alcohol and Narcotics Team (WAANT) is a task force that combats the illegal sale of drugs and alcohol in "Bush" Alaska. Follow from set up to exciting bust as an investigator goes undercover to make an Oxycontin buy from a known dealer. Then, troopers investigate domestic calls in Bethels neighborhoods and patrol the highway in the Mat-Su Valley. Later, another trooper takes to the waters of the Sitka Sound to assist in an ATV crash investigation, and wildlife troopers travel miles off the beaten path to patrol frozen lakes.

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