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Alarm for Cobra 11: The Motorway Police Season 25

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Season 25, Episode 01 Blackout

S25 E01

Mar 5, 2009
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Blackout Mar 5, 2009 Blackout - Susanne König, highway police secretary, has apparently caused a hit-and run car accident.It seems she was blind drunk and absconded after the crash.Susanne had a blackout and can’t remember anything.Numerous facts are revealed to confirm her guilt.Semir and Ben, however, take sides with Susanne and find themselves in a bitter conflict with their boss.The two set off in search of more evidence and discover that it was not the secretary but an unknown person who was driving the car.But why? Semir and Ben unravel a huge scandal that endangers Susanne’s life.

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Season 25, Episode 02 The bride

S25 E02

Mar 12, 2009
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The bride Mar 12, 2009 The Bride - Ben’s sister Julia is abducted just after her wedding.The kidnappers demand a ransom of 2 million Euros from Julia’s father.Semir and Ben, acting on their own initiative, try to free Julia in a gripping race against time, which could end fatally for Ben’s sister.Yet it turns out the gangsters are not only after the ransom money, they have an additional motive - to cover up a murder committed four years previously.

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Season 25, Episode 03 Great minds think alike

S25 E03

Mar 19, 2009
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Great minds think alike Mar 19, 2009 Eight-year-old Felix, an enthusiastic stargazer with a predilection for complex astronomy, causes an accident when he draws a picture of the solar system on the highway.Semir and Ben try to bond with the boy but to no avail, for Felix is autistic and lets nobody get close to him.The only person who manages to communicate with the boy is Hartmut, a fellow stargazer.Meanwhile Semir and Ben find out that Felix’s mother is seriously injured and in a coma after having been beaten up.Semir and Ben discover that the mother was a cleaner in a cash-and-values transport company.They begin to suspect that Felix’s mother could be involved in the heist and Felix may know where the money is.

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Season 25, Episode 04 The conspiracy

S25 E04

Mar 26, 2009
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The conspiracy Mar 26, 2009 The Conspiracy - Ben sees what looks like a murder in the building opposite his apartment, but he doesn't have any evidence and no-one believes him - not even his own partner Semir.The more he searches for evidence and the corpse, the more deeply entangled he becomes in a murderous conspiracy.

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Season 25, Episode 05 The black Madonna

S25 E05

Apr 2, 2009
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The black Madonna Apr 2, 2009 The Black Madonna - A gang of treasure thieves will evidently stop at nothing in their search for the “Black Madonna”, a valuable sculpture.Their investigations take Ben and Semir from a university laboratory to the depths of an old mine.This hunt into the past turns out to be a trip full of surprises, one of which involves Ben’s ambitious ex-girlfriend Katrin who plays a very mysterious role.

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Season 25, Episode 06 Suicide Mission

S25 E06

Apr 9, 2009
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Suicide Mission Apr 9, 2009 Suicide Mission - Two gangsters hit an illegal poker round in a luxury hotel and loot two million Euros.One of the perps, the seriously injured Marcus Lahn, finds refuge in a church with the young priest Johannes Helmer.Very soon the priest is assailed by pangs of guilt as he has promised the alleged murderer not to hand him over to the police but to help him.For Lahn is being hunted not only by the highway cops but also by his accomplice Jakob, who suspects that Lahn has made off with their two-million-euro booty.At first Semir and Ben find themselves groping in the dark, their investigations going nowhere.But then they hit upon a trail that leads them to the real wirepuller of the raid.

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