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Ӕon Flux Season 2

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Here's where to watch every episode of Ӕon Flux season 2. Mouseover or tap an episode to see where to stream it. Click or tap the play icon to stream it on the best available service.
Season 02, Episode 01 Gravity

S02 E01

Sep 23, 1992
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Gravity Sep 23, 1992 As the episode opens, Æon and Trevor are kissing through the windows of their transports, with the former being in a plane and the latter being in a train. As they do, Trevor uses his tongue to open up Æon's fake tooth and place a rolled up picture inside. After the two of them part, Æon spies an industrial vehicle driving past. Æon then retrieves the picture from her tooth to find it is a photo of a fellow passenger, and a suitcase. She climbs out and moves along the side of the plane to spy on the man, who is reading documents from the same suitcase. Æon must jump mid-air to the back of the plane to get inside, but she misses and falls ...

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Season 02, Episode 02 Night

S02 E02

Nov 4, 1992
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Night Nov 4, 1992 In this episode, Æon is on an assassination mission. She infiltrates her target's home via a maintenance ladder. On her entry she falls from the ladder, and notices she is spied on by a security camera. While walking down a hallway she notices a room where the security camera recorder is being kept, and enters. She goes to destroy the tape but at the last minute decides to review the footage. The picture is faulty because of a loose video jack shorting against an air vent. Æon goes to fix the connection but spills coffee on her gloved arm. Unnoticed by the departing Æon, footage of another intruder previously entering the building plays on the monitor. While washing her arm, Æon accidentally sprays water on herself in the bathroom's shower and spoils her signature hairstyle ...

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Season 02, Episode 03 Leisure

S02 E03

Nov 11, 1992
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Leisure Nov 11, 1992 Æon enters her living quarters to find a container of eggs she was keeping in her refrigerator but she finds that Trevor, who is in a cupboard, has had them all. Angry, Æon leaves her apartment but before venturing outside the Monican base she witnesses another agent fail to successfully complete jumping through a complex climbing frame. Æon steps up to practice jumping through, just as the other female agent walks away, and flawlessly executes the complex routine. Later, she enters a strange base and collects some of the same eggs seen earlier in her apartment. Resisting the urge to leave, Æon breaks one of the eggs and analyses the broken contents under a portable microscope ...

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Season 02, Episode 04 Tide

S02 E04

Nov 18, 1992
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Tide Nov 18, 1992 In the episode, Æon and her red-clad companion are descending from the high floor of a sea base carrying a key. As the two enter a lift, they are attacked by Trevor who is easily knocked out by Æon but not before he pushes all the lift's buttons at once sending the lift down through all the levels. She handcuffs him but drops the floor number attached to the key leaving her no choice but to go down level by level searching for the locker that the key opens. On each floor, Æon shoots up the stairwell to keep a pursuing Breen soldier at bay then tests the key on that floor's locker and finally shoots a distant sky hook that is attempting to latch on to the railing of a small, distant, water level platform. Each time Æon exits the lift, Trevor and the red-clothed agent make love with the agent springing back to either guard Trevor or try to retrieve the number. Æon begins to suspect ...

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Season 02, Episode 05 War

S02 E05

Nov 25, 1992
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War Nov 25, 1992 This episode focuses on a massive battle between the leather-clad, dark-haired Monicans and the Aryan soldiers of Bregna with Æon Flux in the thick of battle. During the course of the battle, Æon cuts down dozens of guards before she is knocked down by a Breen guard who had been playing dead. Æon sees another Monican agent creeping up on the guard and keeps him distracted with alluring tongue movements but the Breen sees the Monican agent and ...

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