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Acropolis Now Season 2

Here's where to watch every episode of Acropolis Now season 2. Mouseover or tap an episode to see where to stream it. Click or tap the play icon to stream it on the best available service.
Season 02, Episode 01 Cappuchino Catastrophe

S02 E01

Aug 30, 1990
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Cappuchino Catastrophe Aug 30, 1990 Rick takes a week off for a quick holiday to the Whitsunday Islands. He comes back to find things are not as he left them. Jim had an accident with the cappuchino machine, the cash register is not working & neither is the phone.! Rick's stressed out all over again! Memo asks Rick about his trip, did he meet any nice girls while he was away?Rick says he did meet a lady he'd like to get to know better & is surprised when she walks into the cafe. Memo convinces Rick to 'hit on her' and Rick is embarrased to discover she is the new bank manager come to discuss the loan for the new coffee machine. Also she's married to ""The Strangulator"" Jim's Wrestling Hero.

Not Available
Season 02, Episode 02 Double Or Nothing

S02 E02

Oct 11, 1990
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Double Or Nothing Oct 11, 1990 Effie bets Liz $10 she won't go out with Jim. Liz asks Jim if he wants to go out with her & he thinks his luck has changed! They go to see a movie at the Drive-In & Jim makes a move on Liz. Liz tells him she wants to watch the picture & Jim falls asleep. Memo wants to get into the "Guinea pigs book of records" by holding more than thirty coffee cups & saucers in his arms. Liz wins her bet & wants to collect her $10, but Effie says she bet Rick $10 that Liz wouldn't ask Jim,so he should pay the money.

Not Available
Season 02, Episode 03 Black Ain't Black

S02 E03

Oct 4, 1990
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Black Ain't Black Oct 4, 1990 Liz goes away for the weekend & Ula a Koori girl stands in for her. Memo thinks Koori is an island somewhere & tries to find it on a map of the world. Jim thinks Ula is African/American & dresses like a 'brother from the 'hood'to make her feel at home. Rick tells Jim Ula is a Koori Aboriginal Australian. Jim invites Ula to Vibrations nightclub & when Liz returns & finds out about this,she's worried for Ula's sake. Liz has nothing to worry about, Jim didn't make a move on Ula & they parted friends.

Not Available
Season 02, Episode 04 Olives Ain't Olives

S02 E04

Oct 18, 1990
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Olives Ain't Olives Oct 18, 1990 Jim gets a chain-letter in the mail & rips it up when Liz & Rick tell him they are rubbish & should be ignored. Shortly after, Jim's father rings from Greece to tell Jim he has to sell the cafe because there's an olive glut on the common market & he needs to raise some capital. Jim tapes the letter back together so nothing else bad can happen. Then he remembers his father's friend Mr Kasamedes & wants to ask him for a loan. There's just one problem, Mr Kasamedes third daughter Debbie, is single & looking for a man. Jim has to take Debbie to a disco so her father will lend Jim's father the money.! Luckily for Jim, Debbie meets the man of her dreams at the disco & Jim is ""off the hook."" Jim tells Liz & Rick that the chain letters he wrote & sent out to his friends brought him good luck. Then the 'postie' arrives with mail for Liz & Rick, Jim sneaks away silently before they read the letters.!

Not Available
Season 02, Episode 05 St. Memo's Fire

S02 E05

Aug 23, 1990
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St. Memo's Fire Aug 23, 1990 Memo becomes a Greek Orthodox priest after attending a Greek religious festival. While on his Priest 'P plates' he has to abstain from sex, drink & losing his temper for 40 days & 40 nights. In the cafe watching the soccer replay, Memo argues with a soccer referee who 'red cards' him & wants to settle the argument outside. What Memo doesn't know is that the soccer ref is Liz's uncle. Later Memo has given up his idea of being a priest & Liz phones her uncle to tell him the plan worked.

Not Available
Season 02, Episode 06 Ms Acropolis

S02 E06

Sep 6, 1990
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Ms Acropolis Sep 6, 1990 When good looking girls start coming into the cafe & asking for Jim, Memo wants to know what's going on. Jim's organising a beauty contest to bring customers into the cafe. When Effie hears about this she wants to enter. Liz thinks it's degrading to women & wants Jim to call it off. Memo tells Effie she can enter the contest & gives her a neck to knee bathing suit while the other girls have one piece swimsuits on. Liz is one of the judges & asks Effie one question, then declares Effie the winner. Jim's prize of a date with a celebrity was a not true & Effie & the other girls chase Jim until he arranges a date for Effie with Ricky & Memo as chaperone.

Not Available
Season 02, Episode 07 Carmen, I'm Too Bizet

S02 E07

Sep 27, 1990
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Carmen, I'm Too Bizet Sep 27, 1990 Rick,Jim & Memo are going to a soccer game when Rick's friend Rosetta visits & asks Rick if he can do her a favour. She needs a babysitter for her daughter Carmen. Rick has to stay and look after the baby while Jim & Memo go to the game. Liz arrives & helps Rick with the baby. Later, Memo & Jim return but Rosetta doesn't. Next morning Rosetta arrives with her new boyfriend who doesn't know she has a baby. He leaves, Liz goes after him & Rosetta and Eric re-unite.

Not Available
Season 02, Episode 08 Ring Of Confidence

S02 E08

Oct 25, 1990
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Ring Of Confidence Oct 25, 1990 Jim asks Rick for his opinion about a ring, it's his Grandmother's & he wants to sell it to buy a new muffler for the monaro. Rick tells him to ask Liz. Jim gives Liz the ring and tells her to think about a question he wants to ask her when he returns. Liz thinks Jim has just proposed.! Jim & Effie return from their cousin's wedding, Rick & Memo tell Effie about the ring. Effie tells Liz to let Jim down easy,in fact she'll do it for her. Effie tells Jim that Liz thinks he wants to marry her. Jim asks Effie to help him out of this situation. Liz & Jim remain friends, Liz writes Effie a proposal for Ricky but he turns her down with a kiss on the cheek. How embarassment.!

Not Available
Season 02, Episode 09 Jobs For The Girls

S02 E09

Aug 16, 1990
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Jobs For The Girls Aug 16, 1990 Effie & Sophie ask Jim for a job at the cafe, Rick tells them they can't afford to hire more staff just now. Liz & Rick suggest they try the employment agency. Jim tells Effie if she can get a job,Memo & he will be her slave for a week.! Effie & Sophie get a job at Macarthurs, but lose it the same day. Next day they get a job at the bank & Jim & Memo lose the bet.

Not Available
Season 02, Episode 10 Shakespeare Was A Greek

S02 E10

Sep 20, 1990
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Shakespeare Was A Greek Sep 20, 1990 Liz takes Jim to see a Shakespeare play. Jim liked it so much he wants to stage shakespeare in the cafe. Romeo & Juliet will never be the same again.! Jim pays a theatre critic (John Hindle) to come see the show & write a good review. Next day Effie has a 'swelled head' because of the reviews.

Not Available
Season 02, Episode 11 My Sister Aphroula

S02 E11

Sep 13, 1990
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My Sister Aphroula Sep 13, 1990 Memo's looking for a husband for his sister Aphroula,a lady customer writes Memo a note & he asks her for a date.(she doesn't speak much english though.) Jim phones his friend Harry (the bouncer at Vibrations)to take Aphroula out, but Memo wants to interview him first.! Harry arrives & sees Memo's date ,thinks she's Aphroula & they leave together. Jim has to take Aphroula to the disco & Memo tells him, No funny business.!Next day, Liz gives Aphroula a makeover & then all the boys are interested.

Not Available
Season 02, Episode 12 The Taxman Cometh

S02 E12

Nov 1, 1990
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The Taxman Cometh Nov 1, 1990 The Tax Office wants to audit the cafe's books & Rick has to check to see if everything is in order. The tax man is threatening big trouble & Jim gets a date with a good looking girl. When the books go missing & Rick can't present them to the tax man, he searches high & low. He finds them & the tax man backs off.

Not Available
Season 02, Episode 13 Ricky Sings The Blues

S02 E13

Nov 8, 1990
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Ricky Sings The Blues Nov 8, 1990 Rick is faced with a dilemma to stay at the cafe or join a jazz band. An old friend of Rick's (Jack) arrives at the cafe and invites him to tour with his band to Europe, Rick says he could never leave the cafe, they need him to mind the books. Jack gives him some time to think it over & The others show Ricky they can run the place without him. Jack returns for Rick's decision & he leaves the cafe to tour Europe with Jacks band.

Not Available