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Acropolis Now Season 1

Here's where to watch every episode of Acropolis Now season 1. Mouseover or tap an episode to see where to stream it. Click or tap the play icon to stream it on the best available service.
Season 01, Episode 01 Old Bar, New Bar

S01 E01

Aug 9, 1989
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Old Bar, New Bar Aug 9, 1989 Kostas leaves Cafe neo acropolis in his son Jim's hands and heads home to Greece after 23 years in Australia for a well deserved holiday.Kostas asks Jim's friend Rick to look after the finances.When Kostas leaves Jim changes the quiet cafe to a happening place for young people.On opening day, Manolis the cook gets drunk & passes out, so Jim has to find a replacement cook fast. In walks Gavin 'skippy ' Thorpe fresh from the North Queensland canefields where he was a cook for the cane cutters. Jim hires him When Manolis awakes,he finds a new cook in his kitchen & chases him around the cafe. Jim also hires Liz, as a waitress.

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Season 01, Episode 02 The Proxy Blues

S01 E02

Aug 16, 1989
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The Proxy Blues Aug 16, 1989 Manolis the chef doesn't like the new chef Gavin 'Skippy ' Farrell. Memo is still being rude to the customers,& Jim is spending all the profits. Jim gets a call from his Mum to tell him that he's getting married & sends his proxy to meet him.Jim's not keen on getting married until he sees the proxy. Stella & Jim go out Jim has arranged for Skippy to get the suits for the wedding already. Liz speaks to Stella & asks her what she thinks about arranged marriages. Stella tells her she didn't come here to marry Jim,she came to visit her cousin & have a holiday. She shows Liz a picture of Elvis & asks where she can find Memo. (her cousin) Jim is relieved sort of when he finds out. Later Stella goes home to Greece.

Not Available
Season 01, Episode 03 The Martinez Inquiry

S01 E03

Sep 27, 1989
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The Martinez Inquiry Sep 27, 1989 Rick puts a stop to Jim's 'freebies'. He's giving away too much free coffee and the business is suffering.

Not Available
Season 01, Episode 04 The Trouble With Mothers

S01 E04

Oct 4, 1989
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The Trouble With Mothers Oct 4, 1989 It's the day of the prestigiuos Waiters' Race, the one day of the year Memo has been looking forward to. In the past he's come third, second, BUT never first, always losing out to Alexander the Great, the feared Macedonian waiter. But this year's going to be different. This year Memo is going to win!

Not Available
Season 01, Episode 05 It's Academic

S01 E05

Sep 20, 1989
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It's Academic Sep 20, 1989 Jim tries to arrange a double date with Ricky, but he's not interested, Jim thinks Uni has ruined Ricky. A lady customer walks in & Jim & Memo try to chat her up. Ricky recognises her & yells at her to leave. It seems she is an old girlfriend of Ricks who broke his heart. Sarah comes back into the cafe & wants to talk to Rick, they kiss & make up & then Ricky says that he & Sarah are making a move to Queensland. Liz recognises Sarah as her teacher from Uni & tells the boys that she doesn't think she is going to Queensland because she is taking another course at Uni that Liz is enrolled in. Rick is upset again & Jim tells him that they need him at the Acropolis,so he stays.

Not Available
Season 01, Episode 06 It's Not Unusual

S01 E06

Sep 13, 1989
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It's Not Unusual Sep 13, 1989 Jim books famous Greek heart throb Con Jones to perform at the cafe.Memo recalls the time when there were 2 singing waiters at the cafe neo acropolis & he was one of them. He could have been the next (Greek)Elvis, if he hadn't come down with food poisoning.Memo always suspected Con (his partner)who performed solo that night & went off to Greece to fame & fortune. The cafe is full of adoring fans,but where's Con.? Memo locked him in the toilet as payback. Jim lets him out & while Con's singing Memo tries to interupt his performance.Later Con apologises to Memo & they perform together once more.

Not Available
Season 01, Episode 07 The Key to Her Heart

S01 E07

Sep 6, 1989
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The Key to Her Heart Sep 6, 1989 Liz is going to a Fabien society meeting & Jim wants to come because he's a big fan of Fabian. After embarasing Liz at the meeting,they return to the cafe to get something and Jim locks his keys outside. Liz starts to panic & confesses to being a little claustrophobic. They ring Memo,Rick & Skippy but they're not home.! Jim suggests they try to get some sleep when a noise at the back door startles Liz. A crook is trying to break in & Jim asks him to go around the front to let them out! The crook thinks it's a trick, so Liz & Jim have to spend the night locked in.!

Not Available
Season 01, Episode 08 Easter Greek Style

S01 E08

Aug 23, 1989
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Easter Greek Style Aug 23, 1989 Easter is coming up & the time of fasting is upon them.That means no meat, cheese, alcohol,sex. Memo is finding it difficult to abstain from all these things. Manolis is betting on the horses and losing. Jim has been saving Manolis' money & not putting his bets on. Effie wants Rick & Jim to take Sophie & herself to church. Jim gets a tip from a bookie but Liz won't let him place the bet.The horse comes second,so Jim tells Manolis & gives him his money. After church Memo is so hungry he rushes to the cafe for the feast with his candle, but the flame goes out so he has to go back to the church to re-light it. Then everyone arrives & Effie has a plan to get a kiss from Rick, they tap eggs & Effie wins, but then drops it on Ricks foot.

Not Available
Season 01, Episode 09 Three Skips and a Joey

S01 E09

Oct 11, 1989
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Three Skips and a Joey Oct 11, 1989 Liz bets Jim $10 he can't 'pick up' a girl in the cafe. Jim tries the first girl he sees & starts to 'chat her up'. When she stands up though, she's heavily pregnant.! Liz wins the bet.! Memo starts talking to the girl (Margot) who tells him she's looking for Gavin'skippy'Farrell.! Skippy introduces Margot to the staff & tells them that he & Margot are going to be married.! Skippy & Margot have to save money for the wedding & the baby so Liz asks Jim to give Margot a job in the cafe. Liz later finds out that, Skippy & Margot haven't seen each other for 5 years so Skippy can't be the father, but he's going to marry her anyway. Andy (skippy's brother) arrives & Skip confronts him.(he's the dad.) Margot sees him & goes into Labour. Ricky calls an ambulance & Memo helps deliver the baby. Later Andy decides to accept his responsibility.

Not Available
Season 01, Episode 10 Bucklovers

S01 E10

Aug 30, 1989
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Bucklovers Aug 30, 1989 Jim has to organise a buck's night for his cousin but has never done it before. He doesn't recognise him when he & his fiance Gina arrive at the cafe.While he's organising the bucks night, Liz decides to have a Hens night for Gina. Effie arranges a stripper for all the girls,but Liz wants to play boring games like 'Ethical pursuit'and I spy.! Gina spies Carlos the stripper & he starts dirty dancing with her when Bill & the boys return.! The wedding is off ! Bill thought Gina was shy,but she's a rager.! Liz arranges for the couple to patch up their differences and they kiss and make up.

Not Available
Season 01, Episode 11 Writers Block

S01 E11

Oct 18, 1989
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Writers Block Oct 18, 1989 Jim gets his picture in Vibrations Discos magazine & Liz wants to go there to see what it's like. Epsilon walks in to the cafe & Sophie & Effie swoon. Liz has a look & falls head over heels for him. After talking to Epsilon for a while, Liz learns he's a famous greek poet. Jim knows all about him too, they went to school together but then Epsilon was known as Themmy Parkyakarkas. Memo wants E's opinion on a poem he's written & Jim is ready to take Liz to Vibrations,But now Liz wants to go with Epsilon. Next day Jim learns E has asked Liz to go to Greece with as his personal assistant. Jim tries to tell Liz that E's a fake & is interested in more than work.Memo is listening to the radio & hears Epsilon reading his poem & claims he wrote it.! When E comes to get Liz for their trip top Greece she sends him away.

Not Available