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A Place to Call Home

IMDB: 8.3/10Drama16+2013 - Present5 Seasons

A mysterious woman is perched between the harsh legacy of World War II and the hope of a new life in Australia. A sweeping romantic drama set in 1950s rural Australia following the lives of the Blighs, a wealthy and complicated pastoralist family, who lives in Inverness, NSW.

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Season 5

AcornTV | Rent or Buy

Watch SHOW TITLE Season 05 Episode 05 Own Worst Enemy

S05 E01

Own Worst Enemy Oct 8, 2017

ANZAC Day, 1958. Sarah and Henry clash when an Aboriginal patient named Frank Gibbs brings out the hidden prejudice in society. Elizabeth's life in the city is turned upside down when Douglas begins coughing up blood. Anna finally accepts her divorce from Gino by refusing to let their story influence her next book. George visits Regina in the mental asylum and is offered a divorce. Leah, a local Jewish teenager, runs away with her non-Jewish boyfriend, Larry. Henry takes his frustration of James' absence on others. Jack realises that Carolyn is missing life in the city.

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Watch SHOW TITLE Season 05 Episode 05 Fallout

S05 E02

Fallout Oct 15, 2017

Sarah and George continue their difficult conversation about religion. Anna is sabotaging her writing career yet again while dealing with the attentions of her publisher.

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Watch SHOW TITLE Season 05 Episode 05 All  That Glitters

S05 E03

All That Glitters Oct 22, 2017

Two months have passed. George meets with a rabbi in the city to discuss the process of conversion. Carolyn clocks Jack’s reluctance to change but busies herself advocating for Frank’s art.

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Watch SHOW TITLE Season 05 Episode 05 The Edge of Reason

S05 E04

The Edge of Reason Oct 29, 2017

Anna decides to reject Ed's marriage proposal and revert their relationship to one of complete professionalism. Sarah threatens Regina's life, before agreeing to go to Canberra with George. Carolyn's rape by Sir Richard Bennett is revealed to George in a letter from Regina. Elizabeth learns that Douglas' cancer has returned after he begins coughing blood again. Larry and his friends harass Regina by throwing bottles at her house and hanging a baby doll on her verandah. Jack and Douglas propose a program to Frank to help Aboriginal men who served in the war. Regina informs Sir Richard that she is back in Inverness, as per their plan.

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Watch SHOW TITLE Season 05 Episode 05 Do Not Go Gently

S05 E05

Do Not Go Gently Nov 5, 2017

Frank loses his paintings and his home after sadistic local football coach, Stan O'Rourke burns his house down. Regina attempts to stop George and Sarah walking into Sir Richard's web in Canberra. Jack and Henry clash over whether to tell Douglas his diagnosis, against Elizabeth's wishes. After Elizabeth disapproves her novel, Anna attempts to have it edited, but Ed refuses. Elizabeth breaks the news to Douglas that he is dying. In Canberra, the Prime Minister berates George for bringing Sarah and then, Sarah suffers a panic attack when she sees a former guard from Ravensbrück.

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Watch SHOW TITLE Season 05 Episode 05 Demons of the Dark

S05 E06

Demons of the Dark Nov 12, 2017

Sarah is plunged into a dark place and must confront the demons of her past. Larry is taught a valuable lesson and is redeemed. Douglas finally realises his prognosis, Anna and Carolyn realise that Regina may deserve their trust.

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Watch SHOW TITLE Season 05 Episode 05 The Anatomy of His Passing

S05 E07

The Anatomy of His Passing Nov 19, 2017

One month later, in the midst of the family’s grief, George must deal with a rabid Sir Richard keen on finding out George’s decision regarding the upcoming federal election.

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Season 4

AcornTV | Rent or Buy

Watch SHOW TITLE Season 04 Episode 04 A Nagging Doubt

S04 E01

A Nagging Doubt Sep 11, 2016

The death of a local schoolteacher leads Sarah to a shocking discovery. Elizabeth's new attitude toward life stuns the family. George takes charge of James and Olivia's separation as they struggle to move on with their new lives.

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Watch SHOW TITLE Season 04 Episode 04 Bad in a Good Way

S04 E02

Bad in a Good Way Sep 18, 2016

As Sarah faces Sgt. Taylor's strong suspicion that she murdered Milly, Regina weaves another web to keep George trapped. James is rattled a confession from Olivia.

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Watch SHOW TITLE Season 04 Episode 04 When You're Smiling

S04 E03

When You're Smiling Sep 25, 2016

When Sarah and Roy go to Sydney to deal with Sgt. Taylor's accusation, Sarah finds more than she bargained for. Henry's confession forces James to sort out his true feelings.

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Watch SHOW TITLE Season 04 Episode 04 Home to Roost

S04 E04

Home to Roost Oct 2, 2016

Elizabeth takes advantage the chance to battle Regina and Sir Richard at the Prime Minister's dinner. Harry helps Sarah heal some deep emotional scars, and George restores order at Ash Park.

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Watch SHOW TITLE Season 04 Episode 04 Happy Days Are Here Again

S04 E05

Happy Days Are Here Again Oct 9, 2016

Sarah, Elizabeth, and Anna devise a plan to destroy Regina. James shares his feelings with Henry --but will Harry's return spell trouble? Regina initiates a dangerous new strategy to get rid of Sarah.

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Watch SHOW TITLE Season 04 Episode 04 The Trouble with Harry

S04 E06

The Trouble with Harry Oct 16, 2016

Sarah tells George that she invited Harry to stay with her and Roy, a decision that angers Elizabeth, who can't help but interfere. Elizabeth and Sarah become adversaries again over whether or not Harry should remain in Inverness.

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Watch SHOW TITLE Season 04 Episode 04 You're Just in Love

S04 E07

You're Just in Love Oct 23, 2016

Carolyn and Jack continue to be apprehensive about Sir Richard's threats against them, even as their wedding day approaches. Harry and Roy notice Milly's fiance, Gordon Walsh, following Sarah and warn her that she may be in danger.

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