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A History of Britain Season 3

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Season 03, Episode 01 Forces of Nature (1780 - 1832)

S03 E01

May 27, 2002
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Forces of Nature (1780 - 1832) May 27, 2002 Britain never had the kind of revolution France experienced in 1789, but came close to it. This programme explains how 'the romantic generation' discovered the politics of sympathy with the common man. Nature was turned into a revolutionary idea by radicals and poets like Thomas Paine and William Wordsworth, and events across the channel following the fall of the Bastille initially seemed to point a way forward for Britain. But when the terrifying reality of the French Revolution set in, nature was recruited by the patriots.

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Season 03, Episode 02 Victoria and Her Sisters (1830 - 1910)

S03 E02

Jun 3, 2002
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Victoria and Her Sisters (1830 - 1910) Jun 3, 2002 Queen Victoria came to the throne at the tender age of eighteen, to rule over a country in the throes of a painful but supercharged industrial transformation. Chaos and revolution had been predicted by both socialists and traditionalists but in fact family life provided a bedrock of stability.This is how Britain's women, from the Queen to Chartist charladies and West Indian nurses managed the intense change and attempted to galvanize social reform for their Victorian sisters.

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Season 03, Episode 03 The Empire of Good Intentions (1830 - 1925)

S03 E03

Jun 10, 2002
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The Empire of Good Intentions (1830 - 1925) Jun 10, 2002 The British Empire promised peace, stability and prosperity but in Ireland and India it coincided with violence and famine. The programme examines the origins of agonies which continue to resonate today, and how political justice failed to feature in the administration of the time.As Victorian prime ministers, Gladstone and Disraeli promoted very different visions of Empire, but despite their lofty ideals, Schama observes how 'common humanity was sacrificed to the fetish of the market'.

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Season 03, Episode 04 The Two Winstons (1910 - present)

S03 E04

Jun 17, 2002
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The Two Winstons (1910 - present) Jun 17, 2002 Schama's last programme is a meditation on the place of the past in Britain's 20th-century history. Personified in the sharply different reactions of two of its greatest figures, Winston Churchill and George Orwell, the programme explores the fate of the country through two world wars, the slump and a nervous postwar peace. What was the impact of the crusades and the protests of the century, and did Winston Smith, hero of Orwell's 1984, foresee the contemporary political landscape?

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