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A Fine Romance Season 4

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Season 04, Episode 01 Episode Nineteen

S04 E01

Jan 6, 1984
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Episode Nineteen Jan 6, 1984 Mike's gardening business is flourishing but he hasn't heard a word from Laura since she fled to Brussels. To escape the attentions of a wealthy Belgian, Laura returns to London, but she can't bring herself to talk to Mike.

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Season 04, Episode 02 Episode Twenty

S04 E02

Jan 13, 1984
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Episode Twenty Jan 13, 1984 While Laura hides from Mike at Helen's house, Mike becomes concerned that Laura may be in trouble in Brussels. Before Laura can stop him, he flies off to Belgium to check on her.

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Season 04, Episode 03 Episode Twenty One

S04 E03

Jan 20, 1984
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Episode Twenty One Jan 20, 1984 Laura decides to approach Mike about getting back some of the money she put into their flat. When she visits him, Laura is astonished to meet Elaine, Mike's sexy new girlfriend.

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Season 04, Episode 04 Episode Twenty Two

S04 E04

Jan 27, 1984
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Episode Twenty Two Jan 27, 1984 Upset about Mike's new girlfriend, Laura goes off to spend the weekend with her parents, hoping they can help her sort out her feelings for Mike. Mike and Elaine quarrel about Laura.

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Season 04, Episode 05 Episode Twenty Three

S04 E05

Feb 3, 1984
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Episode Twenty Three Feb 3, 1984 Feeling the need to get settled on her own again, Laura goes to the flat she once shared with Mike to clear out her belongings. Mike goes along when she checks out a new flat, but he feels very strongly that it is not right for Laura.

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Season 04, Episode 06 Episode Twenty Four

S04 E06

Feb 10, 1984
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Episode Twenty Four Feb 10, 1984 After a happy night together, Laura and Mike inspect a rundown farmhouse which Mike is thinking of buying. They both fall in love with it. Mike says he wants Laura to live there with him, but Laura misunderstands what he means.

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Season 04, Episode 07 Episode Twenty Five

S04 E07

Feb 17, 1984
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Episode Twenty Five Feb 17, 1984 Mike and Laura are more stunned than thrilled about their decision, and the fuss Laura's family makes doesn't help. When the farmhouse slips out of their grasp, the old despair seems poised to take over.

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