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90 Day Fiancé Season 101

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Season 101, Episode 101 Biggest Breakups

S101 E101

Mar 31, 2020
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Biggest Breakups Mar 31, 2020 Four Americans found love overseas and risked everything for love. But after their walk down the aisle real life sets in and relationships are tested. Colt and Larissa can't see eye to eye, Laura and Aladin face major cultural differences, Molly struggles to trust Luis, and Danielle sets out to prove that Mohamed was only here for a green card. What they thought would be a fairy tale ending however ends up in heartbreak. Colt met Larissa online and proposed after spending only five days with her. Once Larissa arrives in America it becomes obvious that Colt is not able to live up to her expectations. Despite an arrest for domestic assault, Colt and Larissa tie the knot hoping things will get better. However Larissa's pending trial and continued fighting with Colt push things to a boiling point. After her third arrest in less than a year Larissa leaves and Colt tries to focus on a life after Larissa.Laura fell head over heels for Aladin, so much that they married after only three days together! Now Laura is packing up her life in Florida and heading to Qatar to be with the man she loves. But Middle Eastern culture is very different from the freedom she was used to in America and Aladin struggles to get Laura to conform to his lifestyle. Despite an elaborate wedding in Tunisia, the relationship quickly goes south as their cultures clash in an explosive fight at the Tell All.Molly and Luis met at a bar in the Dominican Republic where Luis quickly declared he was going to marry Molly. But once in America Luis continuously pushes the boundaries of what behaviors Molly will allow. When Molly confronts Luis about his attitude they dramatically part ways. However, Molly and Luis are already married, and according to the rules of the K1 visa Luis is able to stay in America. In an attempt to make her marriage work Molly invites Luis back home. Things don't go any better the second time around and when living arrangements becoming unbearable Molly kicks Luis out, this time for good.Danielle wasn't looking for love when she met Mohamed but quickly fell for him after months of chatting online. Once Mohamed arrives in America he becomes disenchanted with life with Danielle and looks for an escape, which comes in the form of his Green Card. Danielle frantically searches for Mohamed before officially filing for an annulment to end the marriage. After a heated argument Danielle and Mohamed arrive at the courthouse for a final ruling on their marriage.

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Season 101, Episode 102 Secrets & Lies

S101 E102

Apr 7, 2020
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Secrets & Lies Apr 7, 2020 Love is never easy, but a relationship filled with secrets and lies will always struggle to find a happy ending. Looking back at some of the biggest reveals in 90 Day history, including long kept secrets, legal troubles, past loves, and infidelity. The most shocking reveals will test each couple's relationship as they fight for their happily ever after. Relationships are tested as ghosts from the past reveal themselves. Annie finds out how David's last marriage failed, Abby struggles to keep straight her current and past relationships, Jeniffer learns that she's not the first Colombian in Tim's life and Tania confesses her fiancé is not her soulmate.Keeping secrets from their significant others takes a toll and it's time to come clean. Avery drops a bomb that she's planning to move to Syria, Loren admits she asked for strippers at her bachelorette party, Miryam comes clean about her current boyfriend and Chantel explains the terms of Pedro's K1 visa.Legal issues can have an effect on both parties when it begins to interfere with the visa process. Jihoon confesses he's in debt from a criminal past, Jon reveals his temper has gotten the better of him in the past, Paul is denied residency due to his "terrorist" activities and Ronald tells tales of pawning appliances to fund his gambling habit.Long distance relationships can lead to breach of trust and coming clean to a partner is not easy. Nicole admits she wanted a "night off," Larry questions Jenny's still active dating profile, Chantel is confronted with evidence that Pedro wasn't on his best behavior and Angela catches Michael in a lie.The biggest bomb drops in 90 Day history continue as Ricky admits that Ximena was his backup plan, Kalani admits to her sister that she's pregnant on the eve of her wedding, Rebecca confesses that she's still married while preparing to accept a proposal from Zied and Paul reveals to Karine his criminal past.

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Season 101, Episode 103 Family Feuds

S101 E103

Apr 14, 2020
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Family Feuds Apr 14, 2020 Falling in love is easy, but introducing your fiancé to your family can test the bonds of those relationships. Looking back at some of the biggest family feuds in 90 Day history, from meeting the family, dealing with parents, sibling rivalry, to new step-kids. The most explosive feuds will test each couple as they are welcomed to the family. Meeting the family can be overwhelming especially when coming from a different country. Anny is taken aback when meeting Bryson's grandmother, Corey scares Evelin's family with his black magic, Larry offends Jenny's family during dinner, Rebecca makes a shaky first impression on Zied's parents and Chantel's family feels disrespected by Pedro's mother.Sometimes the hardest person to win over is your fiancé's mother. Russ's mom gets upset with Pao at her baby shower, Mike's mom derails Aziza's bachelorette party, Kyle's mom grills Noon about her desire for a green card and Fernando's mom jokes about Carolina's experience with the Immigration officers.Impressing your fiance's siblings can be a lot of work. Melanie's sister grills Devar about his extracurricular activities in Jamaica, Elizabeth's sisters are upset at Andrei's controlling personality, Ben does his best to make a good impression on Akinyi's brother and Danielle's siblings confront Mohamed about his behavior.Coming into the role as a step-parent is never easy. Laura's son refuses to support her upcoming marriage, Molly's daughter is not quick to forgive Luis for his bad behavior, Daya struggles to maintain order with Brett's daughter and Darcey's daughters have an awkward first meeting with Jesse.Family tensions come to a boiling point. Leida asserts herself by kicking Eric's daughter out of the apartment, Mursel comes clean to his family about Anna's children, Brett's mother drags up old concerns at dinner with Daya, Colt's mom hits the breaks on her relationship with Larissa, and Chantel stands up for herself against Pedro's mom and sister.

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