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2point4 children Season 8

Here's where to watch every episode of 2point4 children season 8. Mouseover or tap an episode to see where to stream it. Click or tap the play icon to stream it on the best available service.
Season 08, Episode 01 Fame

S08 E01

Nov 16, 1999
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Fame Nov 16, 1999 Ben has put forward the Porter family for starring in a fly-on-the-wall documentary. But Bill is worried that it may prejudice their chances of fostering Declan, so during the screen test she sets out to make the experience an unpleasant one for all concerned.

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Season 08, Episode 02 Enter The Dragon

S08 E02

Nov 23, 1999
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Enter The Dragon Nov 23, 1999 Declan has arrived for a series of weekend stays, but unfortunately Bette has also come to stay in Jenny's vacant room. Her indulgence of Declan's behaviour causes a serious discipline problem- but how to get rid of her?

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Season 08, Episode 03 Sticky Fingers

S08 E03

Nov 30, 1999
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Sticky Fingers Nov 30, 1999 Jenny has brought home her new college boyfriend Keith for the weekend, and intends that they share a room. Ben hits upon the idea of making Keith too tired to do anything. Meanwhile, Bill and Rona attempt to tile the floor of their warehouse without remembering to open the windows to dissipate the glue fumes.

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Season 08, Episode 04 After The Fox

S08 E04

Dec 7, 1999
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After The Fox Dec 7, 1999 In order to make a winning bid on a catering job, Bill is persuaded against her better judgement to take a trip to France to get cheaper booze. Unfortunately, Rona has accidently allowed a small dog to stowaway on the van. Except it isn't a dog.

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Season 08, Episode 05 Carry On Screaming

S08 E05

Dec 14, 1999
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Carry On Screaming Dec 14, 1999 Halloween, and Social Services report that Declan is to be fostered permanantly with the Porters, but the appearance of Ben's long lost Uncle Lon reveals a secret about his missing Mother's family. But exactly what is it? Ben is forced to come to a horrifying conclusion.

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Season 08, Episode 06 The Millennium Experience

S08 E06

Dec 30, 1999
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The Millennium Experience Dec 30, 1999 Dismissing Ben's series of Millennium panics, Bill is determined to have an evening to remember together with all the family. But the surprise appearance of Tina forces events to take an unpleasant turn..

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