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2point4 children Season 2

Here's where to watch every episode of 2point4 children season 2. Mouseover or tap an episode to see where to stream it. Click or tap the play icon to stream it on the best available service.
Season 02, Episode 01 I'm Going Slightly Mad

S02 E01

Sep 15, 1992
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I'm Going Slightly Mad Sep 15, 1992 Bill wakes up in bed with the biker. But this is only a dream. Coming downstairs Bill reminds herself she is still unemployed. Jenny is embarrassed in front of her friend by the appearance in the Porter garden of Mrs. Grimes's elderly dog Farty, an old Labrador with flatulence problems. After the house empties for the day, Bill is left alone with only interminable phone calls from Bette for company. Eventually, one of these causes her to be late for signing on. On the way her car breaks down, and the fortuitous vicinity of a mechanic is ruined by a sudden appearance of Anneka Rice and film crew who whisk him away for a challenge before he can help Bill. She is forced to seek help from the public. Arriving late, she is humiliated by an interview with a member of the social security staff. On the way out, she encounters Jenny in a school party, who ignores her in front of her friend. Later, Jenny is guilty when she finds out Bill has taken a job with Rona making Airline Meals in a factor

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Season 02, Episode 02 Bedtime for Bonzo

S02 E02

Sep 22, 1992
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Bedtime for Bonzo Sep 22, 1992 With disruption in the house from Bill's new job it is the worst time possible for Ben to take to his bed ill. Things are further complicated by Bill's having to look after Farty while the Grimeses are on holiday. Having both to cope with, Bill gives Ben a doggy aspirin when she runs out of regular ones, resulting in him being ever sicker. Worrying about this, spending the night on the sofa, Bill is further frightened by a massive thunderstorm that nobody subsequently appeared to hear. Part of this portent is clarified when Farty falls ill and Bill and Ben reluctantly decide to have him destroyed. Another aspect is the triggering in David of an increasingly morbid obsession with death.

Not Available
Season 02, Episode 03 One Night in Bangkok

S02 E03

Sep 29, 1992
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One Night in Bangkok Sep 29, 1992 Ben is repainting the house. David brings a St Christopher back from one of his trips playing in the graveyard, Rona wants Bill to go and see some male strippers and Tina arrives to tell Ben that their father Frank is returning from a brief visit from Thailand, where he now lives. Ben confides that he has always resented Frank's distant personality. At the airport, everyone is stunned and in Tina's case, horrified to discover that Frank now has a young Thai bride. After another argument, this time concerning Frank's attitude to his wife, Bill chats with Rona about her own aborted wedding many years earlier. When Tina's prejudice drives the new addition to the family to Bill in distress, Bill and Rona decide to take her with them to the strip show. Back at home, Ben makes some attempt at building bridges with his long estranged parent. At the show, Rona recognizes one of the unclothed bodies as her almost-husband all that time ago. They meet again, and turn the tables on Tina.

Not Available
Season 02, Episode 04 Hormones

S02 E04

Oct 6, 1992
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Hormones Oct 6, 1992 Jenny is malingering to get off games. Or is she. Bill is worrying about Ben and David's seeming obsession with violence. And that's not all-- she is concerned she might be pregnant and has bought a tester. A drive to David's parents' evening brings out the aggressive tendencies in Ben who imagines himself as the Terminator, cutting up an unidentified driver in a white Escort. At the school, Bill blames David's strange activities on Ben, who denies it. Meanwhile Rona confronts Jenny about the real reason for her sickness. Next day, Bill discovers the other tester is missing and jumps to the conclusion that Jenny is pregnant. But she isn't, and Rona persuades her to tell her Mother about her bulimia and ask her to go with her for treatment. Ben, having issued a challenge to the Escort driver is shamed when he turns out to be disabled. Bill arranges a fair race for them to settle the score and Ben is obliged to race round a track in an old wheelchair, losing the race. He reveals that he

Not Available
Season 02, Episode 05 The Skeleton in the Cupboard

S02 E05

Oct 13, 1992
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The Skeleton in the Cupboard Oct 13, 1992 The St Christopher causes an argument between Jenny and David, resulting in it being left behind in the house with Bill. Shortly afterward she senses a strange presence in the house, watching her every movement. At work, Rona confides that she has rekindled her relationship with her ex-husband to be, Gordon. There's just one problem: he has erroneously gotten the impression that she is a virgin. At home again, Bill rashly suggests that she and Ben change places with the kids so that they can see what its like running the house. They are both banished to the bedroom with no dinner. Out in a bar with Gordon, Rona is forced into revealing the truth about her past. In the bedroom, Ben gives Bill a letter he picked up earlier; an interview for a job she applied for. Next day, arriving at the interview after a string of disasters, Bill discovers a naked man interviewing her, later learning that he has had a nervous breakdown and there is no job to apply for. She returns home, depressed, when

Not Available
Season 02, Episode 06 Bird on a Wire (1)

S02 E06

Oct 20, 1992
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Bird on a Wire (1) Oct 20, 1992 On the day of Rona's wedding, with Auntie Pearl in command, Bill gets her head stuck in the catflap, while Rona is simultaneously hooked up in her wedding dress on the light fitting. Eventually they escape in the nick of time, but discover David, who has been complaining of feeling ill earlier has become seriously ill. They rush him to hospital, leaving Rona to get to the church under her own steam.

Not Available
Season 02, Episode 07 Thank Your Lucky Stars (2)

S02 E07

Oct 27, 1992
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Thank Your Lucky Stars (2) Oct 27, 1992 David is rushed into hospital, and immediately lost in the system by the young houseman Phil Brooke (later to reappear in Health & Efficiency) While Bill, Ben and Jenny wait for news concerning the tetanus he has developed, and where he is, Rona gets a bus to church. On the bus she meets a strange lady who reminisces about an old song called ""The Girlfriend of the Whirling Dervish"" concerning a promiscuous woman who cheated on her faithful boyfriend. At the church, the ceremony is transformed, in Rona's eyes, to a mass rendition of the number, signifying her inner feeling of unsuitability for this marriage. She bolts a second time. At the hospital, with David near to death, the biker appears to him, on his final mission. He persuades David to return to his parents, who clearly love him dearly. Rona feels sad but relieved, and they all go out in a monster truck on David's release from hospital.

Not Available
Season 02, Episode 08 Misery

S02 E08

Dec 22, 1992
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Misery Dec 22, 1992 While Rona spends Christmas alone, the Porters feel obliged to visit Bette for the holiday. Her guilt-inflicting power games leave them exhausted and no one objects when she is finally put into a hypnotic trance by the new flashing Christmas tree lights. The Christmas musical number: Winter Wonderland.

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