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Society of the Snow

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"Society of the Snow," directed by J.A. Bayona, is a gripping survival drama recounting the harrowing ordeal of Uruguayan Air Force Flight 571. Known for its stark portrayal of human resilience amidst catastrophic conditions, the film explores the desperate survival strategies of rugby teammates stranded in the Andes following a crash. This narrative draws heavily on real-life accounts, delving into the psychological and physical challenges faced by the survivors during their 72-day ordeal.

What to Know about "Society of the Snow"

Based on Pablo Vierci's nonfiction novel, "Society of the Snow" takes viewers on a riveting journey through how 16 of the 45 passengers miraculously survived harsh conditions. Premiering in theaters on December 15 and streaming on Netflix by January 4, 2024, the film has garnered attention for its potential impact during the awards season, including the Oscars.

"Society of the Snow" Cast

The film features a talented ensemble of Uruguayan and Argentine actors portraying the real-life rugby team and their harrowing journey. Key cast members include Enzo Vogrincic Roldán as Numa Turcatti, Matías Recalt as Roberto Canessa, alongside Agustín Pardella, Tomas Wolf, and others, bringing depth and authenticity to this remarkable tale of survival and human resilience.

How to Watch "Society of the Snow" Online

"Society of the Snow" is be available for streaming exclusively on Netflix starting January 4, 2024.

What People are Saying about "Society of the Snow"

Critics and audiences have praised "Society of the Snow" for its gripping storytelling, technical prowess, and sensitive portrayal of its real-life characters. The film has been lauded for maintaining a tonal balance that blends moments of levity with the sobering reality of survival, earning high ratings on Rotten Tomatoes and nominations for several awards, including the Golden Globe and the Oscars. Its successful adaptation of a harrowing true story highlights the human spirit's resilience, making it a standout film in Bayona's oeuvre and a notable entry in survival cinema.

'Society of the Snow' Streaming: How to Watch Anywhere

Currently, Society of the Snow is available in the UK, the US, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia

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Streaming availability last updated: 03:03:06 AM, 05/22/2024 PST

More Information on Society of the Snow

The flight of a rugby team crashes on a glacier in the Andes. The few passengers who survive the crash find themselves in one of the world's toughest environments to survive. Society of the Snow featuring Enzo Vogrincic and Agustín Pardella is streaming with subscription on Netflix, and streaming with subscription on Netflix with Ads. It's an action & adventure and drama movie with a high IMDb audience rating of 7.8 (134,902 votes).

Action & Adventure



18+ (R)







J. A. Bayona

Numa Turcatti

Enzo Vogrincic

Fernando 'Nando' Parrado

Agustín Pardella

Roberto Canessa

Matías Recalt

Gustavo Zerbino

Tomas Wolf

Marcelo Pérez del Castillo

Diego Vegezzi

Adolfo 'Fito' Strauch

Esteban Kukuriczka

Daniel Fernández Strauch

Francisco Romero

Eduardo Strauch Urioste

Rafael Federman

Antonio 'Tintin' Vizintín

Agustín Della Corte

Alfredo 'Pancho' Delgado

Valentino Alonso

José Luis 'Coche' Inciarte

Simon Hempe

Rafael 'Vasco' Echevarren

Benjamín Segura

Pedro Algorta

Luciano Chatton

Bobby François

Agustín Berruti

Álvaro Mangino

Juan Caruso

Ramon 'Moncho' Sabella

Rocco Posca

Roy Harley

Andy Pruss

Javier Methol

Esteban Bigliardi


Philip Bolus

Executive Producer

Lilia Scenna

Executive Producer

Santiago López Rodríguez

Executive Producer

Steve Eddy

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Cast & Crew for Society of the Snow


J. A. Bayona

Director / Producer / Writer