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Frequently Asked Questions

Reelgood is a new app that brings all the content from your streaming services and all the free movies and shows from around the internet into one interface. As the new kid in town, we understand that you might have a few questions. Hopefully we have answers to most of them below. If not, please email us at


What is Reelgood?

Reelgood takes all the various movies and TV shows that have ever been made (almost) and tells you where you can watch them, from subscription services (like Netflix and Prime Video) to free services (like Crackle, TubiTV and others) to TV everywhere options (like FX, ABC, and FOX) to rental and purchase options (like iTunes, Amazon, and Vudu.)

Beyond simply searching and finding, we also take all the various services you have access to and can combine them into a single browsable, searchable and trackable interface. Trackable? Yes, trackable. With Reelgood we invite you to track your favorite shows or shows you want to see so that you can always pick up where you left off or wait until the show you're watching is available on a service you use. Think of us as the one place you need to go to start streaming on your laptop, desktop, tablet or mobile device. We even have a tvOS app for your AppleTV.

We are every streaming service in one app so you can stop checking all your various services and simply check Reelgood whenever you're ready to watch.

Does Reelgood cost money?

Heck no! Reelgood is completely free to use. Certain services we connect to, like Netflix for example, require a subscription however. So don't look at us if you want a free Netflix account. You'll need to ask your parents for that.

Do you have apps for my device?

We currently have apps for iPhone, Android, LG Smart TVs, Anroid TV, and Fire TV. No Roku app yet, but you can use the Reelgood mobile app for iOS or Android to play directly to your Roku.

What does "tracking" mean?

Tracking a show will help you pick up where you left off. So go ahead and track shows that you have seen every episodes of, those you have seen some episodes of, and those that you haven't started yet. Reelgood will notify you when there are new episodes and put the next episode to watch into your queue right on the home page. We call that queue your "watch next" list. Try tracking something and visit the homepage to see what we mean!

Where can I watch free movies and TV online?

Actually, you can find all of this through Reelgood. If you set your services to include the "free services" you'll see results from services like Crackle, Vudu, Popcornflix, and TubiTV which offer free movies and shows (with ads) as well as content from FOX, NBC, FX and similar who offer parts of their libraries for free. Also you can visit the free movies and tv page to see everything there as well.

What countries do you support? Is it only the US?

For the time being, Reelgood only supports US streaming services and data. We are planning to regionalize soon!

Are you a streaming service?

Nope! We just provide a single interface to track and watch everything from your existing streaming subscriptions.

Where do you get your data from?

We gather data from every available data source on the internet and then our fancy shmancy algorithms clean, combine, and ensure accuracy to present it all to you in one friendly, easy-to-use interface that deeplinks to the right place every time. If you ever experience any data issues, please get in touch: We read each and every email and you can expect a prompt response from us.

API Access

Does Reelgood have an API I can use?

Reelgood offers a multitude of ways to access and use the data you find on our site and more. You can learn more about all of our data offerings thru Reelgood for Business

Publisher's Widget: Want to get streaming availability on your website? Use our publisher's widget! It is available as a Wordpress Plugin (no code needed) and as a Javascript bundle for non-wordpress sites. Learn more about it on the Wordpress plugin store here or email us at

API and Exports: We also have an API along with other data delivery mechanisms! If you’re looking for access, please contact us here: Reelgood for Business

Dell Cinema Guide

What is the Dell Cinema Guide?

The Dell Cinema Guide is a version of Reelgood customized for all Dell customers and shipped on Dell computers in the US. It will soon be retired and will no longer be active as of August 9, 2021. All Dell Cinema Guide users can use the Reelgood products now with their same account information.

How do I access my Dell Cinema Guide account information?

All accounts created through Dell Cinema Guide are also available on the Reelgood website. Simply visit and sign in using your Dell Cinema Guide login information.

How is Reelgood different from Dell Cinema Guide?

As a close partner, Reelgood carries all of the same features and capabilities that were available on Dell Cinema Guide.

Do I need to pay for Reelgood

Using Reelgood is free! However, please note that any additional subscriptions or rentals may incur separate costs.

Can I still see all of my favorited titles and watchlist?

Yes! All of your saved information from Dell Cinema Guide will be seamlessly available on and its mobile applications.