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Track, search, discover, and stream
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Legally stream top quality movies and TV shows from CBS, FOX, Crackle, MTV & more.


Netflix, Hulu, HBO, Amazon Prime, Showtime, Crunchy Roll, and a dozen others.

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Have a cable or satellite subscription? Access your TV everywhere channels too.

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Choose from HD, 4k and SD options from dozens of sources and never overpay.
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Track all the shows you watch & add movies you want to see.

Your 'Watch Next' section will tell you when you have episodes to watch or movies to stream.


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Get notified when you can stream new episodes of shows you watch
and get in before the spoilers.

Free (and legal) tv & movies

Free Movies & TV

See where to watch movies & TV online for free from trusted legal sources like MTV, Crackle and 90 others!

Don't accidentally pay for movies that are available free online.

Kind of a big deal


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